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Synonyms for necromancy

Synonyms for necromancy

the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world

conjuring up the dead, especially for prophesying

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Necromancy was not a necessary component of a Protestant witchcraft act; the English act of 1563 did not mention it.
This adoration precipitates both his interest in necromancy and his naive concept of performative language.
Witches, conjuring, and devilry were theatrically in fashion, but it is reductive to argue that necromancy must swallow up every character, from the Porter to Macbeth.
Schmidt's interpretation of this passage is strained and is ultimately related to his notion that necromancy is not indigenous to ancient Israel, but rather a false projection of Mesopotamian origin.
64) It could be issued every year simply by changing the date on the plate, but Sixtus V put an end to such necromancy by making such astrological almanacs a kind of heretical text.
There are funerary and venerational cults of the dead throughout the world; but only very few societies actually practice necromancy.
The "shadowes" alluded to in A:151 are usually taken to refer to the spirits of the dead raised in necromancy.
40) 2 Kings 24:23 associates the terapim with necromancy (oboi, yidde onim), "idols" (gillulim), and "abominations" (siqqusim) [no explicit fertility nuance is specified], but does not suggest that any of these terms are subsumed under the heading terapim.
Here is an example: Kirsch tells us that "what is ultimately most interesting about the motifs of parricide and necromancy in Macbeth," is their conjunction in Macbeth's mind.
One is on necromancy in ancient Israel, which was far more widespread than the late revisions of the Bible indicate.
He also condemns fertility rites and necromancy which deal with ghosts.
Mature teens into adults will welcome the story of Finn Gramaraye, framed from dark necromancy and exiled to the Other Realms at the tender age of fifteen.
This private de-extinction for potential profit could be seen as a form of neoliberal necromancy.
A Jalapeno plant would be great against the Jester Zombie, the Necromancy ambush, and the Dark Ages Gargantuars.
Brian Schmidt (Israel's Beneficent Dead: Ancestor Cult and Necromancy in Ancient Israelite Religion and Tradition [Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 1996], 4-13) includes ancestor veneration and feeding of the dead under the general category of mortuary cult, which he distinguishes from funerary rites, along with the distinct categories of necromancy and ancestor worship/cult of the dead.