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Synonyms for necrology

a notice of someone's death


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a list of people who died recently

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But there is a terracotta something up there, something dissonant and perhaps necrological.
From necrological evidence, the author argues that, in an age when individualized commemorations were replacing earlier cumulative prayers for benefactors and friends both living and dead, "the cistercian ideology of simplicity and emphasis on the collective rather than on the individual" (205) allowed the monks of Rievaulx to lessen the burden of commemorative prayer by remembering deceased patrons and friends as a group, by minimizing confraternities, and by limiting (or perhaps not receiving) requests for burial.
1) Sources for this paper include the Necrological Notices of the De La Salle Brothers; the De La Salle Australian Archives and the sources listed in Christian J.
The Jews of Europe originated some time later a separate Memorbuch modeled on the Roman libri vitae or libri viventium and divided it into liturgical, martyrological, and necrological sections.
Necrological service will be held at the CCP Main Theatre, and interment at Manila South Cemetery on August 21.