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Synonyms for necrology

a notice of someone's death


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a list of people who died recently

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Other distinguished guests who were present during the necrological rites were former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, former Senator Alfredo Lim, incumbent Senators Gringo Honasan and Juan Miguel Zubiri and Senate Secretariat officials.
But there is a terracotta something up there, something dissonant and perhaps necrological.
1) Sources for this paper include the Necrological Notices of the De La Salle Brothers; the De La Salle Australian Archives and the sources listed in Christian J.
2) He also practiced a necrological bait and switch, selling expensive caskets to families and then removing the bodies before burial and placing them in cheap models, or sometimes into no model at all: when investigators inspected his premises, they found the body of a local resident who had died earlier that winter stuffed into a broken-down hearse.
Hints and gunts of Poe are embedded in its twinned interests in mystery and science, its detective-story format, its necrological overlay, its protagonist--a brilliant, noir, disinherited literary journalist--its man-about-New York ambiance, even a mansion named Ravenwood.
In necrological services in the Bangko Sentral and in the wake at Christ the King church in Green Meadows, with classmates Manny Parroco, Boy Benares and Monju Guanzon, we celebrated his life of service and condoled with Charimen and the family.
In his apparently carefully delivered narrative toward the end of a necrological Mass outside the mall, Tiu said the BFP personnel and other rescuers found 'them, all 36 of them, near the stairwell and near the elevator.
Amid the public indignation, PNP officials put on a big show of mourning, joining Choi and the local Korean community in a necrological mass at Camp Crame.
This piece is a shortened version of the eulogy delivered by the author at the necrological service for Batanes Rep.
In the necrological service, Abigail hailed her husband as a good son, a loving husand a dedicated public servant.
Necrological service will be held at the CCP Main Theatre, and interment at Manila South Cemetery on August 21.
Araneta's remains were briefly brought to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas office last Friday for a mass and necrological rites, attended by incumbent and past members of the Monetary Board, as well as officers and staff of the BSP.
Last night relatives and friends gathered at the Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park for the necrological services.
Abad will then be laid to rest in her home province of Batanes, without any necrological rites being held at the House of Representatives, according to any advisory by the House leadership.
Afterward, the President attended a necrological service for former Senate President Jovito Salonga, whose services to the nation are well remembered by Filipinos, Quezon added.