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articles of clothing worn about the neck

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Cooper Men's Neckwear & Accessories offering an assortment of men's accessories.
The Italian-based Rath, which produces about four million meters of fabric annually, creates printed fabrics, plain and yam-dyed, for clothing neckwear, shirts, bathing clothes, underwear and furniture.
is a leading company in the creation and production of printed fabrics plain and yarn-dyed for clothing neckwear shirts bathing clothes underwear and furniture as well as in the creation and worldwide distribution of male and female accessories for the most important international fashion companies.
Reagan buys small amounts of fabrics and often repurposes Japanese kimonos and other vintage clothing into neckwear.
Miklusis worked as a packer for many years at Hersh Neckwear Co.
FOLLOWING SUIT The tie-mes they definitely are a changing with another futuristic piece of clothing - the neckwear that gets a new pattern at the touch of a button MAIL ORDER GUYS Was your ex not your type?
Unless you are still at school or a clown, leave this neckwear to the boys.
They were armed with pashminas and the appropriate headwear for women and the correct neckwear for men, for those who flout the clearly laid-down dress code at this prestigious event, or equally don't grasp the importance.
One way around needing a complete new uniform is ordering making "subtle changes", such as neckwear, which can still "create a completely different ambiance in the area," said Vicky Hales, commercial director, Lebanon, Emile Rassam.
Stud Marks is referring to the Villa boss's claret and blue neckwear.
There are many various styles and colours to choose from along with a range of waistcoats and neckwear which you can view from your own home with the online outfit builder, www.
Patterns of fashion 4; the cut and construction of linen shirts, smocks, neckwear, headwear and accessories for men and women c.
Deputy Speaker Dawn Primarolo advised the Stratford on Avon MP to be "more selective" in his choice of neckwear in the chamber.
And she teamed it with another blue dress that left marginally more to the imagination - plus her dangly neckwear from the previous night.