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articles of clothing worn about the neck

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BUFF High UV Protection Accessory - Calyx Salmon Rose, PS16.50 ( NECKS are often the first to take a beating when we're out under the rays all day, but BUFF's high UV protection neckwear range can remedy that.
We have inexpensive solid color neckties that we sell for as little as $1.95 each (in large quantity) up to our silk and silk blend Regent Morris Neckwear line that sells for under $19 each.
Additionally, vineyard vines' whimsical neckties, smiling pink whale logo, signature neckwear as well as clothing and accessories for men, women and children are sold in over 600 specialty and department stores worldwide, through a seasonal catalog at 1.800.892.4982, at and at 90 freestanding stores.
TEN GIVEN BREAK COMPLETE 16 Pours down, teems (5) 18 Article of neckwear (3) 13 Raid (6) 14 Swiss breakfast cereal (6) 15 Deduction (6) 17 Piece of paper (5) 19 Crisp rustling fabric (7) 20 Bodies of salt water (4) 21 Dagger (6,5) Wordfit CAN YOU FIT ALL THE WORDS INTO THEIR POSITIONS IN THE GRID?
On the basis of product type the Wearable Devices market is segmented into wristwear, eyewear, footwear, neckwear, bodywear, and others.
The company said employees across the airline's network purchased the limited edition neckwear, with 100 percent of the CAD45,000 dollars raised going to CBCF for breast cancer research, education, and support and information programs.
Kristina's neckwear trailed below the knee as she looked pretty hot to foxtrot in a sheepskin jacket.
In addition to signature neckwear, it offers clothing and accessories for men, women and children.
Shoppers not only can find standard black polymer, but reflective accessories such as the Honeycomb Emirates Tie, special edition neckwear made up of 84 rigid reflective lightweight gold color polymers embodying the shape of recurring hexagons.
They recognise it for what it is - rebellion" TV presenter Jon Snow, famed for his psychedelic neckwear, on his new role presenting General Election videos for 18-24 audiences
The Italian-based Rath, which produces about four million meters of fabric annually, creates printed fabrics, plain and yam-dyed, for clothing neckwear, shirts, bathing clothes, underwear and furniture.
is a leading company in the creation and production of printed fabrics plain and yarn-dyed for clothing neckwear shirts bathing clothes underwear and furniture as well as in the creation and worldwide distribution of male and female accessories for the most important international fashion companies.
The same influences that led to the tiara trend have also given rise to warrior-themed metal accessories such as thick cuffs and stiff neckwear closer to armored gorgets than typical chain-and-pendant necklaces.
Reagan buys small amounts of fabrics and often repurposes Japanese kimonos and other vintage clothing into neckwear. "I like simplicity," he says.
Miklusis worked as a packer for many years at Hersh Neckwear Co., before retiring.