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neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front

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Marvin Bembry, a leadership coach, mentor and speaker who was one of the main event organizers along with Round Lake Beach Police Chief Gilbert Rivera, said there were several great reasons to learn how to tie a necktie, including that they could wear it to job interviews or in their careers.
Prince Harry still wore an olive-green necktie to the event.
One gift was a necktie with the same colors as the Ukraine flag.That is when Rob realized that not only loved the people of the Ukraine, but truly appreciated his time serving his mission there, so much so that he was grateful to have a tie that would always remind me of my time there: A tie that means something.
Pictures on Hennegan's Facebook page show him in Scout uniform, complete with badges, woggle and necktie.
A HUGE seven million father's day cards are sent each year and the most popular of all father's day gifts is the simple necktie. Why not introduce a little originality by making your own card and gift?
No, the chances are slim that Cuchulainn wore a necktie. Do Not ask me why he did not have to and we do.
Not to knot as a necktie but be a lace for a shoe running past.
The band -- which includes former members of Necktie Party and Das Happening -- bring a neat, garage rock feel to songs such as "Ghost'' and "You Try.'' There's a freshness that makes them fairly irresistible, and enough punk attitude to give them an edge.
Gold-laminated tweed skirt with radical stitching and dove detail Necktie blouse in gold and white charmeuse.
This "necktie" is on display at the Fort McAllister museum and is interesting because the many Sherman neckties made during the Civil War were probably melted down and recycled into something else, as they just are not seen anywhere.
Brothers Shep and Ian Murray, chief executive officers and co-founders of necktie company vineyard vines, announced that the company will move their headquarters to support the rapid growth of the business.
$48 bow tie, $68 necktie Made by Primary, Denver
Take "paired-associate learning," a commonly used cognitive test that involves learning to connect words like "up" to "down" or "necktie" to "cracker" in memory.
Since apparently we have to ban guns now, I think we have to stop another silent killer: neckties. Recently a man was murdered in Chicago with a "tactical" necktie.