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an article of apparel worn about the neck

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The neckpiece was crafted from Canadian diamonds and the silver was etched in spiritual symbols that represented the four races and cardinal directions.
This floral neckpiece from Aldo will go perfectly with a white dress.
Other ground floor highlights include The Present by Kepa Karmoma, a neckpiece made from glass and concrete as well as a neckpiece by Ted Noten made from sliced porcelain figures.
A NECKPIECE inspired by the handrail and rivets on the bridge at Seacombe is on show in an exhibition of jewellery, sculpture, and art work at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, in Birkenhead.
Passionate about jewellery to the extent that she wears her clothes around her choice of neckpiece or bracelet, Sulaf trained on the technical aspects of creating jewellery.
dress pounds 189 at Jigsaw; Chambray waistcoat pounds 15 & gold bangles, pounds 4 each all at New Look; handmade neckpiece pounds 20 at Osiris; studded bangles, pounds 15 each at French Connection.
She's chosen a column dress and, because she's pregnant, rather than detail on the dress she's chosen an elaborate neckpiece by Lauren Scott - it's more than a necklace, it's a neckpiece.
Opposite page: Terani Couture retro print silk halter dress, $1,340; copper soft mesh bracelet with rhinestones, $110, and bangle, $125; colored stone lariat neckpiece, $565; matte gold coin and cross necklace worn doubled, $120, Verdiva.
* create a headpiece and neckpiece to coordinate with their mask design using allotted materials.
It used to be that you couldn't get served in restaurants or gain access to the Palais de Dance unless you were wearing a neckpiece.
Goldrich loves to work with gemstones, which often inspire her unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, such as "Attire for a Belly-Dancer," an exquisite sterling neckpiece with turquoise, which she created in 1972.
``The first time I saw fabric I designed on one of the main characters, it was a neckpiece worn by Senator Bail Organa played by LA Law actor Jimmy Smits.
Which takes us to another laughing matter - the neckpiece 83-year-old Sir Edward was sporting at the lunch.
One designer showcases a break-every-rule ensemble with a rhinestone web neckpiece, bandeau top and another rhinestone web revealing one hip.