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decoration worn about the neck (fur piece or tight necklace) as an ornament

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Don't miss our seven cool competition prizes, including two Sony radios, a DVD player, a top hamper and Ortak necklet.
At Rent Your Rocks you can get your hands on necklaces, rings and bracelets worth thousands for afraction of the price by renting them for aweek - this South Sea Pearl Necklet, for example, would usually set you back pounds 3,620 but can be yours for aweek for pounds 245.
The silver and marble inkstand was absent, as was a pearl necklet, two expensive brooches, four silver candle sticks and various other items of value.
Rose Morgan, Phillipa Dearle, winner of the Mikimoto necklet and stud' and Anthony Rudell, MD of Rudell the Jewellers' Liz Baggott, Rudell' Helen Gough, Connie Marshall and John Gough' Left: David and Lorraine Lester.
Jalong distinguishes the three final classes as follows: a) lampong Angang--feathers from the Rhinoceros Hornbill (tamanggang) hung from bamboo frames (as illustrated), b) Teraga--long feathers of Helmeted Hornbill (tebun), directly stuck into the back side of the hat (not a frame), c) Lenjou--tiger's teeth, opposed in pairs on a necklet. (Substitutes can sometimes be used) ...
This silver necklet with black and white pearls is pounds 40, earrings pounds 35 and bracelet pounds 32 and is available from Saturday at Ortak, Eldon Garden, tel: 0191 260 3001.
'I believe in karma,' she said, 'and for the last two days I've been wearing a ruby necklet that my grandma, who died three years ago, left to me.
She wears a MedicAlert necklet and carries the charity's emergency medical card.
As Yves de Cornault's wife she has been purchased; she is an object of value--like the necklet of precious stones which "struck the Judges and the public as a curious and valuable jewel" (Wharton: 290).
The reporter gushed that "her excellency wore white satin plain skirt, bodice trimmed with white mousseline de soie heavily embroidered in silver, a magnificent tiara and riviere, and necklet of diamonds and pearls." (10)
The same dealers plus regular and some new private buyers chased the jewellery which was led by a Victorian opal and diamond necklet, unsold in a previous sale, at pounds 2,900.
She sparkled in a Diamond line necklet (pounds 350,000), a Waterfall necklet (pounds 165,000), limited edition Waterfall pink diamond earrings (pounds 16,000) and pink diamond rose gold lattice bracelet (pounds 62,000) -although she did at least have the good taste not to wear them all at once.
Later, she accessorised her black evening dress with a pounds 165,00 waterfall necklet and a pounds 350,000 diamond line necklet.
Over the past four days, The Birmingham Post and Goldsmiths Fine Jewellery have teamed up to offer our readers a stunning diamond necklet (pictured) from the prestigious Trestelle range in their Trilogy collection.