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lacking or apparently lacking a neck


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Bergeman, "Development of a new progressive rolling technology of profile of neckless grooved tram rail," Metallurgical and Mining Industry, vol.
The town is a nightmare for cyclists to traverse due to the neckless of death (the ring road) and psychopathic maniacs sometimes known as 'drivers' (though in this town I use the term loosely).
Designer Indian sarees, kurtas, tunics, bags, bracelets, and neckless are just name to a few.
The inscription is engraved on a large pithos, a neckless ceramic jar found with six others at the Ophel excavation site.
Personally, if someone offers me a Six Nations Twickenham ticket and I have to choose between that and staying on in Gloucestershire to watch another hatful of handicap hurdles while having my shoes irrigated by an inebriated member of the Worshipful Company Of Neckless Nightclub Doormen, I'll take the rugby.
Montebello Packaging has pioneered a single-use neckless tube.
Kurkdjian's first work shows a male nude whose distorted, thickset and neckless body is punctured by several long, thin mental pins.
It has been revealed the extortion letter attached to the neckless included excerpts from 1966 Asian crime thriller Tai-Pan - on Shore's suggested exam reading list last year.