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jewelry consisting of a cord or chain (often bearing gems) worn about the neck as an ornament (especially by women)

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and with an eagerness and embarrassment quite diverting to her companion, she laid down the necklace again on its cotton, and seemed resolved either to take another or none at all.
Well, then," replied Miss Crawford more seriously, but without at all believing her, "to convince me that you suspect no trick, and are as unsuspicious of compliment as I have always found you, take the necklace and say no more about it.
We scrambled in, lighted a lamp and found the missing necklace.
I am sure--at least, I trust," thought Celia, "that the wearing of a necklace will not interfere with my prayers.
As our little Georgiana said, three five-pound notes are better than nothing, and if you sell a necklace you can buy things with the produce.
But as if by magic she had already donned them-- necklace, ear-rings, bracelets, and all.
He suggested to her how to tuck in the upper edge of her bodice, so as to make it roughly approximate to the cut for evening wear; and when she had done this, and the pendant to the necklace hung isolated amid the whiteness of her throat, as it was designed to do, he stepped back to survey her.
Sir Leicester glancing, with magnificent displeasure, at the rouge and the pearl necklace.
As to Volumnia, she is handed down the great staircase by Sir Leicester, as eloquent upon the theme as if there were a general rising in the north of England to obtain her rouge-pot and pearl necklace.
The anxiety about sister Priscilla, which had grown rather active by the time the coral necklace was clasped, was happily ended by the entrance of that cheerful-looking lady herself, with a face made blowsy by cold and damp.
In their opinion the emerald necklace alone must be worth thousands of pounds.
He lifted the necklace to clasp it round Mercy's neck.
As for diamonds, I have them in numbers; rings, necklaces, sprigs, earrings, clasps.
Also she wore twisted brooches and shining earrings in the form of flowers; and round her soft throat were lovely necklaces.
The Abyssins are extremely charitable, and the women, on such occasions, will give even their necklaces and pendants, so that, with what I gave myself, I collected in the camp enough to pay the fine, and all parties were content.