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Roads had turned into rivers and we waded through neck-deep water to reach a safe spot.
The video was posted by Pakistan's GTV News on its Youtube channel and shows journalist, identified as Azadar Hussain, standing calmly in the neck-deep water and describing the situation in the region.
The Kerala government will take over the Pariyaram Medical College and Hospital, which is neck-deep in debt.
Some residents of BarangayTulayin Odiongan, Romblon woke up to neck-deep flood on Sunday, Romblon News reported.
But neck-deep in Anna Maria Sound, tethered to Brockhoff's jet ski by a 50-foot tube that attached to a jetpack strapped to my feet, I began to envision myself as a tale told to future clients: The One Woman Who Couldn't Fly.
They also soon find themselves neck-deep in serious trouble.
"I tried surfing about ten years ago and I just crashed and burned." But never mind that, look out for the poor camera bloke neck-deep in choppy water trying to film her!
However, the recession took a toll at his lifestyle, leaving him in neck-deep of debts.
The death toll from devastating floods in India and Pakistan rose to 400 on Tuesday with hundreds of thousands more stranded, some "neck-deep" in water, authorities said.
His dad, head full of lodge business, spent the week buried neck-deep in newspapers, scouring the business pages for portents.
From there, events largely take place in the chaos of Parkland Hospital where a stunned medical team are neck-deep in blood and gore as they strive to save the life of shot Kennedy.
When in May 2012 the state underwrote e1/41.8bn to float stricken Laiki, the lender was already neck-deep in ELA to the tune of e1/43.8bn due to a steady outflow of deposits since the summer of 2011.
Like Wasps last term, second-bottom Irish are neck-deep in a relegation dog-fight, but Young's crew survived on the final day of the season.
"A few minutes later an image arrived, which was really, it's still quite an upsetting image, it's of all of my five children underneath the jetty, huddled up to neck-deep sea water, which is cold, we'd swam the day before and it was cold, " Bonnie Walker said.