neck ruff

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a high tight collar

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The particular kudu I was looking at also had the rarity of an exceptionally long and luxurious neck ruff. I was in the trophy room of my friend Bob Keagy, and this kudu was just one of, well, numerous spectacular mounts from around the world ...
His extravagant scarlet and gold ceremonial uniform with its white neck ruff and Tudor bonnet, is a far cry from the Boro strip he treasures.
Anoushka Hempel created a frilly neck ruff for the show while Jasper Conran came up with a buckled collar for the four-legged models.
We ran as well, with what we had left, and I remember him standing broadside, framed by two trees, neck ruff black in the evening sun.
Grizzly Bear Black Bear Round face Oval face Short ears Proportionately longer ears Concave facial profile Straight facial profile Shoulder hump Shoulder hump absent or less pronounced Body slopes downward; Body tilts upward; rump lower than shoulder rump higher than shoulders Long claws Short claws Neck ruff present No neck ruff in spring and fall FAMILIARITY IS THE KEY
The removal of overpainting on the hair and ear has revealed the same broad, confident brushstrokes as on the face, conforming to Hals's style, as do the impasted ridges in the neck ruff, visible after the removal of varnish.