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an opening in a garment for the neck of the wearer

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neck opening is achieved by molding a dome and removing it by spin-trimming.
Intraoperatively, the right neck opening was marked, and a size 00 lacrimal probe was advanced into the fistulous tract to determine its orientation.
The close location of the tumour to the bladder neck opening would result in dysuria, incomplete bladder emptying, and even urinary retention.
Gather or pleat the top edge on each side of the front, leaving the inner 1V inch ungathered at the neck opening. Be certain the gathers or pleats match the front of yoke on either side of the neck opening.
The difficulty of accurately placing a dip tube/pump into a small neck opening and crimping the closure onto a glass bottle is the challenge that is solved with this system.
One of the main problems the company had to overcome in achieving these weight reductions was ensuring that the neck opening didn't become larger than the diameter of the preform body, which can cause problems during blow molding.
SeaCliff Beauty has introduced a set of new airless bottles with a wider neck opening. The bottles have a slim, cylinder shape with an ergonomic pump head.
The 170-dollar Anastasia jersey dress created by designer Vanessa Knox transforms just by moving the neck opening and playing around with the sleeves.
Taking care not to stretch the jersey as you sew (otherwise you'll wind up with an off-the-shoulder look), stitch around the top of the former collar, creating a hem about 3/4 inch from the neck opening. Chances are the sleeve ends may be a little hard-worn, too; turn them under as you did the neck.
If you see fly eggs on the carcass (in moist places such as the neck opening), you will have to skin and butcher the deer soon.
Compress the bag with one hand, then occlude its neck opening with the other hand.
Most have a rubber edge round the neck opening for comfort and raised edges to stop water spilling.
* During fueling, use a cloth to cover the gap between the fuel nozzle and the fuel tank filler neck opening. That keeps sand out of the tank.
For ease-of-use, the diameter of the neck opening was increased, and a peel-away, heat-shrink tamper evident seal was added.
There would have been room for them inside, but the narrowness of the neck opening was an obstacle and it took two tries to get it on.