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a brace worn to steady the neck

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"When I got to the hospital Hannah was lying flat on her back in a neck brace because they were trying to assess her injuries and they were worried she might be paralysed from the impact of her head being smashed through the window of the car.
HAIR WE GO AGAIN Hat-trick star Barba goes over as Saints run in 11 tries, but he later left the pitch in a neck brace
Leatt CEO, Sean Macdonald, said, 'We are pleased to receive this award which we believe makes a strong statement about the expected marketability and demand for our highly innovative neck brace and helmet, which are among the best in their class.
On the other hand, Arroyo immediately shed off her neck brace and was herself the picture of an old lady still in the pink of health.
But he added that matters were made "even worse" when the family had to find their own way back to the hotel during a taxi strike, which meant he was "stumbling around in a neck brace in the boiling heat and horrible pain" for at least an hour.
"I have to wear it when I walk around, but it comes off when I go to bed and I have to wear another neck brace."
"His condition is stable -- he is fine -- but he'll be in a neck brace."
Pictures of the dented cars were posted on Facebook, courtesy of Rola, in addition to more photos of an injured Zeina in a neck brace. Here's to two months of pain-free recovery, Zeina!
A Mold player was taken to hospital in a neck brace, another player lost a tooth and two coaches were attacked.
After almost three months in a neck brace she has now been given the all clear.
Laura has now ditched her neck brace and got straight back into the swing of things with a two-hour training session at the Northumbria University Coach Lane Campus in Longbenton, North Tyneside, on Thursday.
Several police cars closed the road, while three ambulances attended, with paramedics placing the man in a neck brace and on a long stretcher before transporting him to hospital.
Resident, Magda Kepa, 28, who saw the aftermath of the accident, said: "The child had already been taken to hospital but I saw the mum with a teacher before she was placed in a neck brace and waited for over 30 minutes before Turn to - Page 5 Turned from - Front Page she was taken to the hospital.
Eyewitnesses told how cutting equipment was used to remove the roof of the Corsa so a man inside could be fitted with a neck brace.
The Victoria's Secret Angel's spokeswoman Annie Kelly said that the Australian supermodel is wearing a neck brace and had MRI scans following the accident, when another car rammed hers on an LA freeway.