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Jonke's comments here escape suspicion of New Age nebulousness by the direct practical connection he makes between them and his writing methods, as he describes how he paces the floor and works himself up to a fine frenzy culminating in a kind of automatic writing for hours or even days on end.
fluidity and nebulousness of the cartels, in 2008 the Juarez Cartel
The nebulousness of these plans is understandably unsettling, sufficiently so for audible murmurings of industrial action to be growing ever louder.
Thirdly, the nebulousness of the contemporary business environment in India requires that managers look for employee motivation in tools that are social, interpersonal, or even spiritual (Sparrow & Budhwar 1997).
The clan leader's interpretation of civilization seemed to have been sanctioned by the Ecuadorian government, as well, which had failed to prosecute those involved in the 2003 massacre despite the fact that they spoke openly of the expedition and in many cases confessed to killing far more people than they actually had; Rafael Correa meanwhile contributed to the nebulousness of the crime by making statements that called into question the existence of pueblos no contactados.
term of "hauntology" to gather a sense of the nebulousness of
Auerbach's portrait drawings--a group of eight were also on view here--are expressionistic constructions of black lines set against a background of lighter gray lines, confirming the nebulousness and transience of the figure.
Lacking a well defined and legitimate Ground, such as you certainly have, and having one such as I have, one which is graspable only in its nebulousness, I can look only to the long adjectival line to stabilize my hold on the field.
if the act of writing is characterized as "dreaming," a centuries-long "knocking" to be listened for, the nebulousness that such statements seem to favor is countered by the author/poet's insistence on unpalatable truths.