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a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

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Dubliner Edelle Collins, 41, undergoes a minimum of three hours' treatment every day in her battle for air - involving nebulisers, physiotherapy and medication.
1-3] Internationally the Micro Mist nebuliser is mostly used in ICU settings, followed by ultrasonic nebulisers and, more recently, vibrating-mesh nebulisers.
She had to stay in for three nights and must've had at least 10 nebulisers in that time, she was so poorly.
The large compressor which Lucy was given instead of the small e-flow nebuliser and, right, just some of the medication she has to take every day
Nebulisers are further sub-segmented into ultrasonic nebuliser, mesh nebuliser and compressed air nebuliser.
Inhaler is a better choice over nebuliser machines as well, she added.
The pair have the disease''s G551D mutation, and have to take up to 50 tablets a day and endure frequent nebuliser and physiotherapy sessions.
A For most patients there would be no advantage of taking their inhaled medicines through a nebuliser and they can be difficult to load up and maintain safely.
She went round to her neighbours house with the intention of causing greivous bodily harm, rather than murder, and struck her victim whilst she was using a nebuliser.
We report a patient who developed unilateral mydriasis due to inadvertent ocular exposure to nebulised salbutamol and ipratropium bromide as a result of a faulty leaking nebuliser.
If breathing becomes laboured or noisy, or if the child becomes very tired or can't drink properly, they need to go to hospital to be treated with a nebuliser and oxygen.