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Synonyms for neb

a long projecting or anterior elongation of an animal's head

horny projecting mouth of a bird

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The students have appealed that since the SC has already taken suo moto notice regarding private medical colleges, students of these colleges should also be required to give the NEB as there are issues regarding quality of education in private medical colleges.
To reduce the perception of a conflict of interest, the NEB should review its staff Code of Conduct to ensure it covers all situations potentially creating a conflict of interest.
He said Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi will complete the online web based module for preparation of NEB examination latest by June 1, which will be available on the university website.
Because supplies of NEB beers ceased, Montanari had to do the once unthinkable and serve guest beers on taps previously reserved for the house brands.
It is, however, somewhat surprising that as a political scientist Kramer neglects to place his analysis of the NEB more firmly within the context of British politics and economic policy-making.
The FTA allows for full "cost recovery" for export projects, so the federal government left the cost-benefit test untouched when it changed the NEB legislation to comply with free trade.
Using a newly developed focused audit process, the NEB completed nine audit reports looking at eight companies.
In order to continue to ensure the safety of NEB regulated pipelines and facilities the NEB has issued an amended Safety Advisory and Order.
The NEB understands that whistleblowing can be difficult and stressful especially if a tipster is unsure whether a particular incident or allegation is reportable.
1) name of work: engaging tempo with driver and labours for cleaning of drain in un-authorized colonies freedom fighter enclave ignou road neb sarai new delhi-68(regn.
Package A covers activities relating to life, accident, and health insurance for a total annual cost of only $395, which includes premium plus NEB administrative fee.
TransCanada Corporation has received the National Energy Board (NEB) s decision to reject TransCanada s request for review and variance of the NEB s previous decision released March 27, 2013 related to TransCanada s 2012-2013 restructuring proposal for tolls and service on the Canadian Mainline.
Effective December 18, 2007, it will begin admitting real estate agents and brokers, along with mortgage brokers, into NEB membership.
SAN DIEGO -- The National Ethics Bureau has announced two new membership standards designed to strengthen the NEB brand and further increase consumer confidence in its growing number of member advisors.
FSP's core values of ethics, education, and relationships are consistent with NEB's mission of promoting professional ethics and consumer protection in financial services," says NEB Chairman and Co-Founder Steven R.