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vision for objects 2 feet or closer to the viewer

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The lenticule is shaped to 1 mm, and placed into the pocket in the cornea, improving near vision without compromising distance vision.
Both technologies utilize the small aperture effect to treat presbyopia, the natural loss of near vision that eventually affects everyone over the age of 40, as well as cataracts, the clouding of the eye's natural lens.
6% participants were very satisfied/satisfied with their far, intermediate and near vision, respectively.
Low vision enhancement devices used were Keplerian and Galilean telescopic and electro-optical systems for distance and magnifiers, hyperocular lenses, labo-clip glasses, telemicroscopes and electro-optical systems for near vision.
A bivariate Spearman's Rho correlation coefficient test revealed no statistically significant correlation between the participants with visual impairments' near vision ability and performance on the DASH (p = -.
For near vision spectacle magnifiers were the most common followed by hand magnifiers in 10 patients and closed circuit television in 9 patients.
With the development of a 10-minute procedure time and premium lenses that offer clear distance and near vision after surgery, the most difficult aspect of the surgery is often the eye drop regimen.
CVS is defined by the American Optometric Association as a complex of eye and vision problems related to the activities which stress the near vision and which are experienced in relation, or during, the use of the computer.
Symptoms include: fatigue, blurred distal or proximal vision, headache, dry or irritated eyes, neck and/or backaches, blurred near vision and diplopia (double vision).
According to the company, the GlassesOff mobile app aims to eliminate the dependency on reading glasses of people over the age of 40 who experience natural age-related changes in their near vision sharpness.
There is a definite increase in the number of vision conditions from overuse of near vision, causing visual stress.
There's no getting away from it, presbyopia, this loss of our near vision, affects us all, usually from our mid-40s, even those of us who have enjoyed perfect, 20:20 vision all our lives.
Washington, April 1 ( ANI ): An emerging technique called hyperopic orthokeratology (OK) may provide a new alternative for restoring near vision without the need for glasses, according to a study.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to continue and complete enrollment in its Phase III clinical trial with its Raindrop[TM] Near Vision Inlay (formerly the PresbyLens[R]).
There are approximately 800 million people worldwide who are blind, severely visually impaired or have near vision sight loss, according to estimates by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness," said Dr Tarek Mahmoud.