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Synonyms for presbyopia

a reduced ability to focus on near objects caused by loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens after age 45

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b Positive fusional reserves and near point of convergence should be improved
January 1st comes about 10 days after the December solstice and a few days before Earth's near point to the Sun each year.
In the village of Puloly, near Point Pedro, 993 people are sheltering in the Methodist Mission school and 419 of those are under 18.
I had just moved with my family to Audubon Canyon Ranch, near Point Reyes, California, where we would be resident biologists and developers of an outdoor education program for the next five years, an experience that would prove to be the beginning of a lifetime of back-to-the-land living.
I read with great personal interest Pete Seeger's review of Doris Haddock's trek to Point Hope, Alaska and her efforts to stop Edward Teller's plan to use an H-bomb explosion to create a harbor at Cape Lisbon (near Point Hope) which could be used to ship coal from nearby deposits.
Jobless Mr Walker, aged 22, from Bromford, was hit at least five times at near point blank range.
Thirteen years ago, two young families were killed near Point Deception in Northern California.
Coast Guard officials sent out helicopters to investigate after reports of a loud crash near Point Mugu were radioed in and the National Transportation Safety Board will send a `go-team` of aircraft specialists and other personnel to formally investigate according to CNN.
The first meeting this fall was a tour of the Atlantic Braids rope plant near Point Fortune.
tale: "I was fishing for rock cod near Point Conception (near Santa Barbara), driving in circles, zig-zags and figure-eights, staring at my depth sounder, looking for fish.
The client with these limitations will always have difficulty achieving clear near point vision and will try to compensate by holding items close to the eye.