near miss

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close thing

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an accidental collision that is narrowly avoided

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Additional preparations have been used that suggest a potential reinforcing function for the near miss, such as measuring interresponse times compared to wins (Dillen and Dixon 2008), nomination to continue playing in the presence of near misses despite tacting them as aversive (Clark et al.
This article is about a novel type of near miss program that was designed and implemented during a heavy phase of construction on an LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant overseas.
The near miss incident had no precise details on how close the two planes really were at the runway.
RAF Valley was praised for its response to the near miss The glider pilot had no time to take evasive action when the two Tornados approached
No matter how well a near miss is defined, it is inherently subjective depending on the individual viewing the situation.
Organizations with an effective safety culture will not just focus on adverse events but will actively measure near miss events.
For instance, after Cohen realized that his Fermat near miss could be refuted so easily by an even-odd argument, he refined his computer program to produce a new one without that flaw: [3987.
But an easyJet spokeswoman denied there had been a problem, saying: "There was no near miss.
England hero Jonny Wilkinson (left) and his club teammates were involved in a mid-air near miss with a jumbo jet,rugby bosses said.
WE ARE ALL FAMILIAR with the term near miss as it applies to airline accidents or other disasters.
Among drivers who have had a near miss, the figure is lower - 63pc said they felt no guilt for the incident.
The trainee controller admitted late last week to giving the pilots of both planes confusing instructions before the near miss.
A near miss is an event that has the potential for serious injury, although minor or no injury occurred.
Whilst I appreciate the most recent report of a near miss above the Dyfnant Forest is just outside of my constituency, it nevertheless compounds the worry that many Meirionnydd residents have about the frequency of these low flying aircraft, particularly those using the Machynlleth Loop.
The UK Airprox Board declared it a Category A near miss - the highest level of risk short of a collision.
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