near miss

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close thing

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an accidental collision that is narrowly avoided

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Nevertheless, it can reasonably be expected that such deficiencies may lead to bleeding and other complications, resulting in a near miss or death.
To determine the frequency of maternal near miss cases attending tertiary care centre.
Therefore, based on the new WHO NM criteria, the aim of the current study is to document the frequency and nature of maternal near miss events in a population of women attending a tertiary maternity hospital in Tunisia.
The post UK plane in 'incredibly concerning' near miss with drone -- police appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
However, the presence of a near miss in adolescent and children's games of chance or the process by which such outcomes develop undesirable functions have not been examined.
Conclusion: This study showed that uniform criteria for identifying near miss cases can be used in a tertiary referral hospital setting especially for comparison of results and audit.
The near miss in July was described as category C in an Airprox report which meant there was "no risk of collision".
For the purpose of this article, a near miss can be defined as any combination of unsafe actions or conditions presenting themselves at the site of work that exposes personnel, equipment, facilities, or the environment at undue/unplanned risk or harm, however remote.
Two planes almost collided at the El Prat Airport in Barcelona with the near miss incident captured on video.
Maternal near miss - towards a standard tool for monitoring quality of maternal health care.
The near miss, known as an "airprox", took place above Betws-y-Coed in April but details of it have just been published by the UK Airprox Board which looks after air safety.
Safety management; near miss identification, recognition, and investigation.
WORRIED onlookers believed they had seen a near miss in the skies over Tyneside yesterday.
In games of skill, a near miss can mean you're improving.
Pilots on the Sea King rescue helicopter had just launched from RAF Boulmer and were hovering just below the cloud line when they were caught up in a near miss.
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