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drink that resembles beer but with less than 1/2 percent alcohol

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Premium Near Beer was launched by Toronto entrepreneur, Ted Fleming, in 2013 and is Canada's premiere site (www.
Premium Near Beer has been a regular supporter of Crohn's and Colitis Canada and the Canadian Liver Foundation.
While the latter does not offer the rich, multi-media environment of the former--which allows users to interact with famous Harlem Renaissance figures and experience the music, poetry, and painting of that era--the Near Beer Game Simulation offers business students the chance to test decisions and realize consequences, two key aspects of a simulation.
Use secondary displays to encourage impulse purchases, especially near beer, wine and spirits
As for its hallucinogenic properties, industrial hemp is to marijuana what near beer is to beer-it has practically zero tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the elemental oomph in marijuana that makes you get high.
NEW YORK -- For consumers who enjoy the taste of beer but avoid it because of its alcoholic content, near beer (more commonly known as nonalcoholic beer) provides an alternative.
Use secondary displays in store to encourage impulse purchases, especially near beer, wine and spirits
Other nontraditional beverages that may prove to be important in reviving the category are nonalcoholic beer, or near beer, which has proven popular with both sexes.
and survived Prohibition by making near beer and curing ham.
Although consumers will find wine coolers wherever they are, merchandisers recommend the placement of the coolers near beer, instead of wine.
All of these breweries stopped making beer by 1920, although many eked out a living during Prohibition making soft drinks or near beer.
During Prohibition Yuengling switched production to near beer products.
Neoprobe has acquired a site for constructing the facility in the Temed Industrial Park, near Beer Sheva.
has been producing Goetz Pale Near Beer since 1961 when it purchased the M.
Ironically, the near beer that came out during Prohibition way back in the early thirties was not a bad product.