neap tide

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a less than average tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon



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Just two weeks earlier on the neap tide, I had been able to climb directly from this point to the ramp of rock that leads up to the Gower Peninsula's Paviland Cave without coming close to getting wet.
Towards the end of Neap Tide, Esther speaks what one feels has become the Hewett credo, "Art is the bravest response to desolation.
The deviation of actual time from expected time on foraging trips was calculated for each bird during a spring tide series and a neap tide series.
DAGUPAN CITY -- Hundreds of bangus (milkfish) floated in ponds and cages in Barangay Salapingao here over the weekend, but many fish growers harvested their stocks before the fishkill, which was traced to a phenomenon called neap tide involving low oxygen levels in the water.
Samples were taken on board a small wooden vessel during spring tide (05-06 August 2001) and neap tide (11-12 August 2001) at 3-hour intervals over 12 hours for spring tide (n = 32 samples) and 22 hours for neap tide (n = 56 samples).
Transverse transects under spring and neap tide conditions during both summer (May 2005) and winter (November 2005) periods were carried out in the internal parts of the inlet using ADCP and GPS instruments.
To enter, answer this simple question: Is a Neap tide big or small?
It was a combination of the effect of neap tide, continuous decomposition of organic matters at the bottom of the channel and plankton bloom, he said.
During the first half of the 206-day cycle, the difference in height between neap tide and spring tide is decreasing, or below average, allowing a lesser ice wall build-up.
Westly Rosario, chief of the National Integrated Fisheries Technology Development Center in Dagupan City, said a low dissolved oxygen level was noted in the area last week because of the neap tide, a twice-a-month phenomenon where high tide is at its lowest level, preventing water at the channel to freshen up.