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a less than average tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon

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Mr Neap said: "Both matters have been reported to the police.
The statistics alone are notable, as NEAP comes at a time when commercial revenues exceeded government expenditures in space for the first time in history.
The rhythmites display layers of varying thickness, reflecting the high spring tides and low neap tides that mark the lunar month.
Variation in the tides from springs to neaps is well known; a conventional explanation is that large, spring, tides occur at full or new moon, when the moon and sun are aligned and pulling together, and small neap tides occur at the moon's quarters, when the moon and sun pull at right angles.
NEAP gives us guiding principles to achieve the objectives of maintaining and increasing immunity against polio throughout Pakistan by implementing high quality campaigns, to stop virus transmission in all reservoirs and to prevent establishment of poliovirus circulation in rest of the country.
This week they are in Fort William, waiting for the neap tides – the quieter, low tides – before they negotiate the Sound of Jura, which can be treacherous to attempt in a dangerous spring tide.
NEAP scores for students in the District of Columbia schools last year, in both math and reading, were the lowest in the nation, and by a significant margin.
Yesterday: Lady Martine, Moerdijk; Norsky, Europoort; Norqueen, Zeebrugge; Don 3, Dunkirk; Clipper Loyalty, Tarragona; Christine Y, Amsterdam; Wilson Aviles, Neap House; Clonlee, Rotterdam; Komet III, Grangemouth.
Not as if I have anything against the humble swede or neap, celeriac just has so many other uses.
Neap tides occur two days after the first and last quarter.
For example, Pugh discusses the "age of the tide", the lag of spring and neap tides behind full and new moon at which the solar and lunar tidal forces combine.
555 days; synodic month (cycle of Moon's phases in which there are two sets of spring and neap tides) = 29.
Tides change throughout a month, ranging from neap, or lowest tides, to the spring tides, which occur when the sun, Earth and moon are nearly aligned.
Neap tides occur when the orbital arrangement weakens the pull on Earth's oceans.