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a less than average tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon

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As per the NEAP 2017-18, the communication approach supports programme operations through promoting all vaccination, including polio , as a social norm that builds acceptance and trust for health workers by humanising them.
Con respecto a la relacion entre los indices de acoso y la satisfaccion laboral cabe senalar que el NEAP y d IGAP se relacionan negativamente con todas las dimensiones que componen la satisfaccion laboral, mientras que el IMAP solo correlaciona significativamente con la satisfaccion con el ambiente fisico.
La presencia o no de mobbing, los valores de NEAP, IGAP e IMAP y los cuatro niveles de valoracion (alto, medio, bajo y nulo) fueron cruzados con las condiciones sociodemograficas de los trabajadores (edad, genero, escolaridad y estado civil), con algunas caracteristicas de su trabajo (turno, tipo de nombramiento, otros trabajos y numero de grupos y alumnos que atiende) y con los valores de las redes sociales objetivas y subjetivas, tanto laborales como extralaborales.
The average depth of the estuary varies from 4 to 5 m; its semidiurnal tidal amplitude for neap tide varies from 0.
LILY ET CIE, 9044 Burton Way, (310) 7245757 "This store was immediately put on the neap when Renee Zellweger wore the famous yellow Jean Desse Oscar dress.
Workers' struggles are not like some sort of tide that must inevitably ebb and neap.
stroked from side to side by the neap and flood of tides.
High turbulence levels related with spring tides break floes enhancing sediment advection, while during neap tides turbulence levels are lower and contribute to the formation of flocs with higher settling velocities.
One such type of accreditation system is the Ecotourism Association of Australia's NEAP (Nature and Ecotourism Accreditation Program).
Increasingly, however, tourism certification is also looking at tour operators (Certification for Sustainable Tourism, or CST, in Costa Rica), naturalist guides (The Nature and Ecotourism Accreditation Program, or NEAP, in Australia), beaches (Blue Flag in Europe, South Africa and the Caribbean), parks (Protected Area Network, or PAN, in Europe), golf courses (Committed to Green in Great Britain) and boats (Smart Voyager in the Galapapos).
In her latest novel, Neap Tide, Hewett again puts an older single woman at the center, this time a professor of Australian literature taking refuge in the town of Zane on the Eastern coast where rich bush forests meet the sea.
NEAP represents the first of SpaceDev's efforts to turn space into a pay-as-you-go venture.
Managing director Paul Neap said: "We can handle this.