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the act of saying no to a request

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Naysaying purists berated the "plastic" stock and receiver--which though covered by a sheet-metal part is indeed made of composite--but the lightweight rifle proved to be not only accurate, but also surprisingly durable and reliable.
As well as making me considerably happier, this naysaying makes me bang on trend.
Despite our misgivings at Sula's insistence and at the very degree of alienation Morrison accords her, we are prepared to accept her negative, naysaying freedom as a necessary declaration of independence [...] that leads us as well as the author away from the limited repertoire of powerless virtue and sentimental pathos.
The naysaying came to a halt after component testing proved it to be as sturdy, and in some areas more so, than the original link and fitting, and it flew aboard an MV22B at Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River, Maryland, July 29--marking the first time an aircraft had flown with a 3-D printed flight-critical part.
(40) As will be shown, the naysaying is easily rebutted by other Charter provisions in light of accepted principles of treaty interpretation.
As the narrative reels out, amusing cut-to-cut close-ups of cynical male community elders, each one a naysaying "talking head," punctuate the scenes of Aisholpan's sojourn.
After he asked more than 77 million people to stop with the naysaying, things escalated when ex Selena Gomez got involved.
Given Hollywood itself came under attack from the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947--leading to the blacklist of the Hollywood Ten, perhaps the most shameful hour in movie-business history--Good Night, and Good Luck doubles down on its Oscar-friendly wares: it is not just a period piece, but a corrective for past Hollywood sins; its great triumph shows filmed entertainment trumping political naysaying.
Out of the crowded field of 17 contestants in the GOP's presidential beauty pageant, Donald Trump is the last man standing, after repeatedly defying the oddsmakers, the political establishment, the media thought cartel, the political correctness gestapo, and a multitude of naysaying special interest groups.
"It is time to shrug off the naysaying consultants and lawyers who breed a culture of fear and hypothesized problems to hype their services.
And for all your naysaying, he'll be elected president, and he'll show that all your anxieties are as imaginary as I am.
Another big benefit, as Nosek and his colleagues argued in 2012, is that "the priorities in the peer review process would shift from assessing whether the manuscript should be published to whether the ideas should be taken seriously and how they can be improved." This change would also remove a major barrier to publishing replications, since novelty-seeking journal editors would no longer serve as naysaying gatekeepers.
Uzi Arad, a former Netanyahu national security adviser, said Israel's naysaying on the Iran deal had eroded its leverage -- especially with Obama, an outgoing Democratic president who saw the rightist premier as siding with his Republican rivals.
But despite the many positive responses I've heard about, including from the Christian community, I've also heard about some naysaying. So what's going on?