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the act of saying no to a request

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It is time to shrug off the naysaying consultants and lawyers who breed a culture of fear and hypothesized problems to hype their services.
And for all your naysaying, he'll be elected president, and he'll show that all your anxieties are as imaginary as I am.
This change would also remove a major barrier to publishing replications, since novelty-seeking journal editors would no longer serve as naysaying gatekeepers.
Uzi Arad, a former Netanyahu national security adviser, said Israel's naysaying on the Iran deal had eroded its leverage -- especially with Obama, an outgoing Democratic president who saw the rightist premier as siding with his Republican rivals.
But despite the many positive responses I've heard about, including from the Christian community, I've also heard about some naysaying.
Much of the naysaying in Washington in particular was designed to convince public opinion and Congress that the administration was working hard to obtain the best possible deal.
As for "saving" the BBL from falling victim to the current atmosphere of blame and naysaying, Cardinal Quevedo noted the need for a more aggressive "information tour" to address the questions raised on the "objectionable" provisions of the BBL, with "media people, universities, business and religious groups as primary targets.
He worked up his confidence, though, and powered through the whole thing in spite of the Polish naysaying.
From a business perspective, Apple couldn't have asked for a better 2014, and dozens of naysaying
The fact is that, too often, NEA has sat on the sidelines of change, naysaying, quick to say what won't work and slow to say what will.
It's a balancing act to be sure, but despite obituaries and naysaying pundits, the homepage still has a vital place in any newsroom's digital engagement strategy.
Marvel's acolytes (calling them "fans" undersells it) generally rally to the company's defense in the face of any naysaying.
They also believe that some of the naysaying coverage of ACO development of late has very much overdrawn.
Two women--Martha Coakley and Juliette Kayyem--are now running for governor--and any complaints that there isn't room for two strong women in the race have come from naysaying political insiders, not the public.
But that one naysaying voice is the kind of "balance," alas, you'd expect from NPR.