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the act of saying no to a request

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There's been a lot of speculation about the changes 343 might bring to the game, a lot of naysaying and pessimism in the months running up to the launch.
And yet, despite more than a decade of this naysaying, 32.
Even as of halftime Saturday, naysaying the Beavers seemed reasonable, when Oregon led 29-22.
Thinking people realise that Llais Gwynedd''s policies are based on naysaying, procrastination and populist rhetoric.
Avoid a jobsworth, naysaying killjoy and be impulsive.
In theory and practice, naysaying by itself leaves only doubt and destruction.
Self-confidence comes from putting a brake on that naysaying voice.
However, while CitySquare is touted as the latest project to turn the city around, is it naysaying to note that Worcester leaders always seem to oversell?
This convergence of progressive spirituality and politics in popular art may mean that our culture war (between puritanical naysaying on the one hand and hedonistic dehumanization on the other) has already ended; we just haven't noticed yet.
Arreola's wife, Erin, last week told this newspaper she can't wait for her husband to win so he can tell everyone what they can do with their naysaying.
Governments throughout the world bailed them out, propped them up despite Cameron's naysaying and now all the parties are telling us we're going to have to pay for the greed and folly of these grasping, incompetent chancers in cuts to essential services.
The same type of naysaying and such took place back then too and one of the biggest detractors has now copied the one angler per boat trail and started their own, and they are running 75 to 80 boats per tourney.
Instead of demands and naysaying, which will be met by American opposition, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should convey a clear commitment to the two-state solution, support the Arab peace initiative as the basis of a regional agreement, halt settlement expansion and engage in efforts to strengthen the Palestinian economy, said the Israeli daily Haaretz in an editorial yesterday.
Now, before the usual suspects start burning up the Internet denouncing my colleagues and I as the naysaying media fifth columnists that are responsible for eroding domestic support for the mission with our doom and gloom negativity, a number of positive aspects were also discussed.
While Obama is clearly the greener candidate on most of these issues, the fact that McCain even takes them seriously--and is committed to any greenhouse gas reductions whatsoever--is a plus for environmental advocates exasperated by eight years of green naysaying by the Bush administration.