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someone with an aggressively negative attitude

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They will always have their detractors, the naysayers and the wet blanket brigade, but the Festivals are the envy of many cities throughout the world and ensure that Edinburgh's reputation is to be strived for and not scoffed at.
Another naysayer said: "Kadiri yung mukha ni Seth, napadaan sa newsfeed ko."
class="font-size--16 MsoNormal"It is regrettable that a small band of engineered naysayers who deliberately decided to resist development in the county as a whole, purely for political mileage, decided to embarrass our guests," said Prof Nyong'o.
Warrington, 28, is one of the naysayers and believes he can maintain the momentum from beating Lee Selby in May to eclipse Frampton.
The 500,000 unemployed graduates who have benefitted from our N-Power programme know that these naysayers are only thinking about themselves.
"There have been a lot of naysayers for this project.
There have been several reports, especially from those the President call 'professional naysayers', that this vision was not feasible, but only a vote-buying gimmick, rooting their opinions in the supposed broke economy of the country.
'It was said that 'even the Supreme Court's father' cannot construct dams,' the CJP noted, reminding the naysayers that the Constitution had given the court the power to make it happen.
There may be no deal, or else it will be a short-lived one like all the previous nuclear deals with North Korea Besides the usual chorus of naysayers among the think tank pundits and mainstream media, there is another group of naysayers more germane to the success of any deal: The US Senate.
Despite the naysayers, the 1980s event has gone down in history and seems to be remembered fondly by most concerned.
Along the way Glasgow heard from naysayers who said she couldnt make it, who said she took on too much, who said her business couldnt possibly succeed.
Summary: As this week's chaotic and unruly protests jolted the security and stability of Lebanon and threatened the fragile peace, it quickly became clear that we were in need of a dedicated firefighter who by fighting the blaze would also stomp on all troublemakers, warmongers, naysayers, soothsayers, shysters and opportunists who rear their heads.
As her way to address the naysayers, Anfisa posted a picture of herself in a white bikini on the beach.
In his response, Zuckerberg chided "naysayers" whose "doomsday scenarios" were "irresponsible."
So why, if I am clear about a project or strategy that I want to get off the ground, would I want to provide time and attention to those I may view as worrywarts and naysayers? Here are my top five reasons: