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Food manufacturers will have the opportunity to produce their goods in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and will be required to create a retail space to offer their product in the public hall.
The Navy Yard Building project included installing a new electrical closet, concluded the company.
Our close relationship with the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation has opened up many new doors for Rhoads by supporting our expansion and diversification efforts based at the Navy Yard.
Planned as additional office and back lot space, these are the grounds of the long-defunct Naval hospital, the heart of the historical Navy Yard.
BNYDC is the not-for-profit corporation that manages the Brooklyn Navy Yard on behalf of its owner, the City of New York.
A shooter had not been found as police swarmed the Navy Yard, according to a local CBS radio station, amid heightened security concerns ahead of the US July Fourth holiday weekend.
Now the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard has transitioned itself to an industrial center once again, this time focusing on small-scale manufacturing, which has itself seen a renaissance in the U.
The Brooklyn Navy Yard hummed day and night to build them.
WASHINGTON * The shooting at Washington's Navy Yard Sept.
26 ( ANI ): Washington Navy Yard gunman ron Alexis believed he was being controlled by extremely low frequency waves.
THE FBI last night released chilling video footage of the Washington DC Navy Yard gunman prowling the corridors of the complex as he hunts for victims.
A week ago, Rollie Chance was working the phones, worried that some of his friends at the Washington Navy Yard may have been killed in a mass shooting there.
military bases worldwide after a contractor gunned down 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard, a Pentagon official said Tuesday.
Aaron Alexis' motive in the Navy Yard rampage remained a mystery.
The closed navy yard in Washington after the attack by Aaron Alexis, left, which killed 12 people
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