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Bunsi (a.k.a Ex-Rico 23; Tu and Beversdorf, 1982) is an indeterminate navy bean with a porous plant canopy and physiological resistance to white mold (Schwartz et al., 1987; Miklas et al., 2004; Kolkman and Kelly, 2002).
The objective of this study was to determine the protein quality of cowpea residue-wheat and navy bean residue-wheat diets, determine its suitability as a food for humans and to assess the applicability of using less expensive in-vitro assays to assess protein nutritional value of foods.
& Magnus) Lams.-Scrib.], while the navy bean check Envoy is resistant to all these races, and the great northern AC Polaris is susceptible to all.
Accordingly, a study was conducted with three objectives: (i) ascertain the inheritance of seed Zn concentration in navy bean, (ii) determine the broad and narrow sense heritability of seed Zn levels, and (iii) measure total seed phosphorus and phytic acid levels to serve as an indication of variability in Zn bioavailability based on phytate presence.
For many of the commuters, supper will feature a dish of this high-protein, high-fiber food--perhaps refried beans in a Tex-Mex medley...snap beans zapped in the microwave...hearty navy bean soup...a tangy cold salad of green and yellow wax beans and kidney beans...or maybe Aunt Molly's secret six-bean chili.
A survey of mostly pinto and navy bean growers in North Dakota and Minnesota found white mold as the most serious disease, with fungicides used on 33% of the acreage to control the disease (Lamey et al., 2000).
& Magnus) Lams.-Scrib.] resistant, and with low white mold [caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary] infection, navy bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) was developed at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Research Centre, Lethbridge, AB, Canada in cooperation with the AAFC Research Station, Morden, MB, Canada and released in 2003.
Seahawk, tested as N97774, was derived from a cross made in 1994 between navy bean cultivars Bunsi (Tu and Beversdorf, 1982) and Huron (Kelly et al., 1994).
That doesn't even include the American favorites: black-eyed peas, baked beans, chili, or navy bean or lentil soup.
We introduced the genes for four arcelin variants (Osborn et al., 1986) from four wild accessions (used as donor parents) into the navy bean 'Sanilac' (PI 549695, pedigree described in Kelly, 2000; used as recurrent parent) by two generations of backcrossing and three to seven generations of selfing (Hartweck et al., 1991).
Of the "Best Bites" in our chart, only Pritikin's Navy Bean and Tomato were passable.
The objectives of this research were to (i) discover QTL conferring resistance to white mold in navy bean, (ii) determine if a Multi-trait bulking (MTB) strategy, where multiple traits were used to develop contrasting DNA bulks for use in selective genotyping, was an efficient approach for QTL identification, and (iii) determine if agronomic traits, particularly growth habit, were associated with QTL for avoidance to white mold in bean in the field.
* A serving of Pritikin Navy Bean Soup has twice as much fiber as a serving of Kellogg's All Bran cereal?
(2002) also reported a single dominant gene that controlled seed-Zn accumulation in the efficient navy bean cultivar Voyager when crossed to the inefficient `Albion' navy bean, and progenies evaluated in Zn-deficient soil in North Dakota.
Resistance to white mold has been described in several navy bean cultivars, such as Bunsi (also known as Ex Rico 23) and C-20, (Schwartz et al., 1987; Miklas and Grafton, 1992; Tu and Beversdorf, 1982; Kelly et al., 1984).
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