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white-seeded bean

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The researchers prepared navy bean extracts to isolate the maximum amount of raffinose oligosaccharides from the beans.
Type of bean Process References Navy bean Hydration in Ca++ solution Walters et (100ppm) in two stages: 30 min at al.
Flavoured canned navy beans are of interest because they are ready-to-eat, readily available in grocery stores, and inexpensive.
Beans + Grains = Meal Chick Peas Bulgur Turkish Bulgur & Chick Pea Pilaf Navy Beans Barley Bean Soup with Barley, Spin?
A survey was conducted along the navy bean product value chain as previously defined [5].
To process a navy bean, the forager must unwrap the bean, announce the collection, and then place it into the cup.
I show Janny how she slurps when she's eating navy bean soup.
Pluses: Navy bean and pork soup, traditional chicken wings.
Jacques sponsored, a bill making the baked navy bean the official state bean.
The book also contains many unusual pies, such as Sister Shirley Woods' Navy Bean Custard Pie and Miss Eudora's Cream of Wheat Custard Pie.
So split pea, lentil and Navy bean soups are smart choices.
1991) studied cell wall (CW) materials of selected navy bean cultivars.
GS-246, PI 641004) are ineffective and nonnodulation mutants of navy bean cultivar OAC Rico, respectively.
Houston, says one of the first electronics sorters in the food processing industry was deployed in a navy bean packaging plant in 1931 by Westinghouse.
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