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base of operations for a naval fleet

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In February, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had announced the Navy base division would be stationed in the archipelago in 2017.
above ground level, Not included) in the ship hangar ( dimensions 68 m (length) x 55 m (width) x 35 m (height) or 130 900 m, Divided into 3 open compartments (docks) with fixed concrete floor) from the navy base in zeebrugge.
Western websites monitoring planes' flight course across the globe reported that a US spy plane carried out at least four reconnaissance flights over the Russian navy base in Tartus and its air fleet in Humeimim air base in Lattakia province.
We rented an apartment in Juffair from where the US Navy base was visible and took photos of it.
MANILA -- The Philippine Navy will hold its anniversary in Palawan, in a navy base facing the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).
Summary: Dozens of containers from Panamanian-flagged Klos-C are being unloaded and transferred on trucks to nearby navy base.
Commander of the Navy base in Port Sudan, Admiral Magdi Sayed Omar, in a statement published by the newspaper (Sudanese) issued here today said, "the exercises, which began yesterday and will continue until next Thursday, come in the framework of enhancing maritime diplomacy and Red Sea security.
Navy base at Guantanamo, the Miami Herald's Carol Rosenberg reported Jan.
Mario Gonzalez Lafuente was chosen to lead efforts to redevelop the former Roosevelt Roads Navy Base in Ceiba because of his close association with White House officials and a working knowledge of their strategic projects and plans to bolster the tourism and travel industry on the island, reports Caribbean Business (March 8, 2012).
Navy base, is urging the central government to quickly discard low-level radioactive waste discovered at the military facility.
Navy base, urged the central government Friday to swiftly dispose of low-level radioactive waste found to have been stored at the military facility, which was gathered during the U.
A SAILOR has been arrested after a female colleague was raped at Britain's biggest Royal Navy base.
The wreck was then taken by barge to a navy base south of Seoul, the capital, for an investigation by experts from South Korea, the US and Australia.
The Naval Base San Diego is the largest US Navy base in the world and home to over 55,000 sailors.
Salim Hamdan was sentenced to five years and six months after he was found guilty of supporting terrorism following a 10- day trial at the US Navy base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.
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