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Synonyms for navvy



Synonyms for navvy

a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

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So this poor woman is in a navvy town with no money and she's decided she's going to build a business empire.
Tenders are invited for Equipment Rental Navvy -Srcf Iasi
The centre spread of Lot-o'-Fun had 40 pictures plus a couple of hundred words and across those pages marched drunks and tramps and surprising characters like Wotto the War Artist and Ned the Navvy.
He worked as a navvy, he taught in schools, and lectured as a university extension lecturer.
The navvy figures as an important example of exiled Irish masculinity in the three texts considered in this chapter, Timothy O'Grady's I Could Read the Sky (1997) and John B.
He explained the inspiration behind Farrell: "My grandfather, Jack Farrell - Jack the Giant Killer -- was a huge man, built like an Irish navvy, fought in the Second World War, lived on a council estate.
In this book, he recounts them in fictionalized form with imagined dialogue as we relive Mallandaine's escapades, whether it is being accosted by thieves while he works to deliver mail by horse, or in his encounters with Dukesang Wong, the Chinese navvy who left behind an extensive written account of his own.
You must have achieved something as Seamus the navvy," consoled my companion
The life of a navvy was undeniably hard, but the smiles on the men's faces show they considered it to be an enjoyable existence.
Just weeks before his death, he had finished his tribute to the Irish navvy, There's Gangs of Them Digging, and was due to embark on an album based on his vast collection of love songs.
Each navvy could shift 20 tons of earth a day - exciting many admiring comments from the French, who dubbed them the "rosbifs".
Leavis asserts thatshe is "a dowser and not a navvy.
Thus even the pro-reform Factory Inspectorate could readily contrast the archetypal pre-war "British navvy, a sturdy example of the best type of workman, well organised and, typically, well able to look after himself", with his wartime replacement--a "new class of labour not accustomed to the navvy's work and not so able to settle down to rough conditions.
Brooke tackles the subject of the railway navvy largely, one suspects, to correct popular misconceptions about these men.
As money for the viaduct begins to run out, Charles announces a delay to the wages, prompting the aggrieved navvy workforce to come out on strike.