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Synonyms for navvy



Synonyms for navvy

a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

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my own wishing navvies smooth, I Let's face it, I'm more Last of the Summer Wine than Fast and Furious nowadays.
The oldest were navvies which was undoubtedly the most physically demanding of the jobs on site.
Annie finds them a roof to sleep under, but she's forced to take in some rowdy navvies as lodgers.
Navvies developed a fearsome reputation as both hard-working and hard-drinking (and fighting) which made them, according to expert commentator Utlan Cowley, 'despised'.
Smiles tells us that in gangs of navvies, "Every man put himself to his mettle.
The third chapter, 'Navvy Narratives', notes the hugely significant role played by Irish navvies in the reconstruction of post-war London, an enterprise with a long tradition of Irish construction of British infrastructure.
It created a million gallon reservoir to provide a water supply to the navvies village.
There's navvies and there's brickdust, And a thousand barricades, Not to mention a brand new shopping mall They call 'The Pallisades'.
One would have hoped that with a civil service still large enough to run an empire we might have moved on from the technical infrastructure and organisation of canals and navvies.
Slavs became the most eligible candidates in a compromise between the industrialists/ entrepreneurs who considered Asiatics and southern Europeans (notably Italians) as the ideal navvies, miners, and general workers, and the Department of the Interior which had grave reservations about the "quality" and "cultural acceptability" of Asiatics and southern Europeans.
I took the huge greaseproof pack from my brown paper carrier bag and opened it to reveal two great culfs of bread - that if dropped would have broken my toe - filled with thick uneven slabs of cheese, two tomatoes and a huge wedge of home-made fruit cake that would have satisfied at least a couple of buck navvies.
The men who work as navvies on the Canadian Northern are steady, sober and industrious.
The work of miners, navvies, and rail crews had the unlikely result of exposing not only unique geological strata but also a wealth of fossils.
Don't think of them as navvies, but as Brian Sewell with a brickie's bum.
From being a shanty town woman among the railway navvies in Swansea, she sets out to make a fresh start for herself.