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Synonyms for navigator

Synonyms for navigator

a person engaged in sailing or working on a ship

Synonyms for navigator

the ship's officer in charge of navigation

the member of an aircrew who is responsible for the aircraft's course

in earlier times, a person who explored by ship

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Legacy Navigator dovetails with Red Oak's Legacy Integrator to simplify the integration of complex legacy applications.
Why are old almanacs left lying around the navigators office and why did one navigator claim there were no other sextants in the navigation office when he discovered the one he had was less than satisfactory?
This version of SQL Navigator also supports industry-standard version control systems to more efficiently manage large projects and development teams.
The New Internet Navigator was launched in Spring 2001.
Like an in-car navigation system, TeleNav GPS Navigator provides customers with access to full-color 3D moving maps, voice and on-screen navigation, and information and directions to millions of business listings in North America, including nearby Wi-Fi hotspots.
In addition to some of the internal functionality, Alloy Navigator 5.
The System Navigator Pro series is FS2's next-generation hardware platform that will enable the deployment of system-level debug solutions that include processor and bus activity as well as system-level performance data.
HOUSTON -- Bentley Systems, Incorporated today unveiled ProjectWise Navigator, the first visual collaboration client for design review and analysis plus work packaging that fully supports iterative workflows and reuse of all content throughout the process.
NuLOOQ Navigator Recognized As Inventive, Trend-Setting Product
The FS2 Navigator IDE supports all MIPS32[R] and MIPS64[R] processor cores and is fully integrated with the MIPS([R]) GNU-based SDE toolkit, providing design engineers with a complete development environment and a rich set of software utilities that is easy to install and use.
today announced that TeleNav GPS Navigator is now available on the recently-launched Palm[R] Treo[TM] 680 smartphone along with the other Treo smartphones currently available from Palm in the U.
today announced that Silicon Navigator[TM] and Ciranova have verified the interoperability of the RDE Framework from Silicon Navigator with Ciranova's complete PCell generation and migration product line.
Siderean Software, a pioneer in faceted navigation solutions, today announced the availability of Seamark Navigator 4.
The NuLOOQ navigator is an innovative device used in conjunction with a mouse and a keyboard that allows people to better navigate and manipulate graphics and multimedia files.
the leader in data protection and storage security for trusted information lifecycle management (ILM), today announced the release of Time Navigator 4.