navigational system

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a system that provides information useful in determining the position and course of a ship or aircraft

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During this part of the study the interventional radiologist did not use the navigational system. The system was used passively; that is, the guidance system was not shown to the radiologist during the procedure, and the radiologist was required to perform the procedure as he normally would.
When taking off from Ercan they have to pass over the Pentadaktylos mountains and without a ground navigational system they tend to veer a little to the left so they can gain more altitude when they approach the mountain.
These fiber boats will be having navigational systems, installed to navigate the right direction and limits of sea water.
During the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in eastern Japan, transportation was improved through the car navigational system of the Traffic Record Map service (Internavi is the name of this information service of Honda's car navigational system).
Partnering with HopStop enables us to further enhance our members' experience and offer unique navigational functionality, alongside existing benefits such as our exclusive NeverLost navigational system and 24/7 in-car concierge service, while offering competitive rates to a new audience.'
Other new member benefits include a discount on Hertz's Fuel Purchase Option and a reduced rate for NeverLost GPS, Hertz's customized on-board navigational system. The partnership between Hertz and AAA began 33 years ago, and Hertz has been AAA's exclusive car rental partner for 16 years.
Now under development at Central Michigan University, the Smart Cane incorporates an ultrasonic sensor, and the user carries a miniature navigational system in a messenger-style bag.
Unlike some previous attempts at free-swimming robots, these fish-bots have an autonomous navigational system, meaning they will not need a human pilot to guide them around.
"Because the drive module and navigational system are separate to the cleaning tools, we hope that ultimately we will be able to fit it with different tools to carry out different tasks - such as stripping and painting the hull."
of marketing for Minyard "Also, our customers are going to enjoy the easy navigational system the new AirShow Aisle Markers provide." Combustion Media is currently installing the displays, and more than 1,500 will be used in the program, representing approximately 34 per store.
Managing director Chris Smith said: "Blu is a completely new way to get information on the move - think of it as an extension of a personal GPS navigational system but with vast local knowledge."
Its inland location along the McClelland-Kerr Navigational system allows freight to be transported to the Gulf Coast and around the world via the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers.
The company said internal testing has proven a huge improvement in the search and navigational system, noting the number of clicks necessary to reach a desired product has significantly lessened.
Abdulrasool, 18, said that he was inspired by his blind father to invent a navigational system for people who are visually impaired.
Interestingly, Honda has chosen to equip the RL with General Motors' OnStar as well as with XM Satellite Radio, which includes a navigational system that offers real-time traffic information in 20 markets.