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Navigational instruments were favorite targets of looting pirates, because the tools could easily be sold or traded, according to archaeologist David Moore of the North Carolina Maritime Museum, who is working on the wreck site.
For example, the ancients used the compass for over a thousand years as a navigational instrument without knowing why the lodestone pointed north.
But when researchers look beneath the surface of what it takes to get from point A to point B, the realm of thought best known as the mind's eye is revealed as an essential navigational instrument. According to several new studies, people rely on a disciplined imagination as much as on supple muscles and keen senses to perform skilled actions and arrive at desired destinations.
Four tenders for the supply of (a) different medical requisites, (b) a surgical three dimension navigational instrument for the Brain & Nerves Division, (c) monitors for the operation theaters, also (d) a sterilizing instrument for the digestive organ endoscopes.
The expedition, with the assistance of experts of The Outward Bound Oman/Tahaddi, will be completed on the traditional dhow, camels and on foot, criss-crossing the country's challenging topography with the aid of a 600-year-old navigational instrument, astrolabe.
A 25-foot high iron sculpture of a navigational instrument installed on a major roundabout in Stratford-upon-Avon is causing uproar amongst residents.
An interim report into the crash of a Korean Air cargo Boeing 747 aircraft on 22 December 1999 near London-Stansted airport has found that the cockpit crew was warned about the failure of an altitude director indicator navigational instrument moments before the accident occurred.
They know homing pigeons can use the sun as a navigational instrument, but they have yet to agree on the backup systems that come into play on cloudy days.
This is a crucial step if Qatar is to make the leap to a sustainable, knowledge-based economy." The event also featured for the first time the announcement of the newly created WCM-Q Mariam Astrolabi award for Biomedical Research Advancement, named after Mariam 'Ijilyah Astrolabi, an Arab Muslim engineer from Aleppo who pioneered the development of the navigational instruments known as astrolabes in the 10th century CE.
To study those forces, Scheeres and his colleagues use OSIRIS-REx's navigational instruments to measure the minute tug that the asteroid exerts on the spacecraft.
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