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a chart for a navigator showing the prevailing meteorological and hydrographic and navigational conditions

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In the boat you'll need a gas can, pair of oars and/or sail with mast, anchors, personal floatation device (PFD), tools for engine repairs, radio or cell phone, navigational chart and Coast Guard required items like flares, horns, etc.
The Digital Chart of the World is based on the Operational Navigational Chart paper maps and was prepared by the Defense Mapping Agency of the United States and its mapping agency counterparts in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
In addition to pointing out the features and services, they explain what navigational chart to use, the approach, where to anchor, public wharves, marinas, and dangers to avoid at certain times and under certain conditions.
With the establishment of DGPS systems in the internal area to the required accuracy, integrity and availability, which is required for navigating with the electronic navigational chart and use of AIS, be achieved.
With the completion of the DNC(r) testing, ECPINS(R) now reads and displays all major official marine navigational chart formats available worldwide", stated John Jacobson, President and CEO of Offshore.
One of the major focuses will be to improve maritime navigation safety including efforts to ensure the accuracy of both electronic and paper charts, eliminate charting overlaps and fill in gaps in navigational chart coverage.
NMSA will produce a modern series of paper and electronic navigational charts (ENC) after recompiling existing PNG navigational chart portfolios in cooperation with Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS).
Under the commercial brand name Admiralty, UKHO produces a worldwide series of paper nautical charts, publications and electronic navigational charts which are used by almost 70 % of international shipping.
NASDAQ: GRMN) has acquired Italian marine industry electronic navigational charts and mobile applications supplier Navionics S.
The exciting new service allows users to pay one fixed annual fee—no matter how many electronic navigational charts (ENCs) they open, view or sail through.
GroundLink AID+ technology from Teledyne will allow airlines to view real-time GPS-based, ownship positioning on navigational charts to increase situational awareness in flight.
Lighthouses were rare, and masters of vessels had few navigational charts to rely on.
The Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS) collects, manages and disseminates a vast amount of hydrographic information via its published paper charts and Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) of Australia, its offshore islands and the waters around Papua New Guinea.
Efforts are underway to develop this aspect through the rehabilitation and training of personnel in the field of hydrography, enabling them to carry out their duties in order to achieve the Sultanate's ambitions to meet national's requirements for the production of navigational charts and books, which is demanded by all kinds of ship to achieve maritime safety.
Even basic navigational charts are a problem, with only one-tenth of Canada's Arctic waters charted to modern standards.
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