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of or relating to sea navigation

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The importance of the project is in obtaining accurate data regarding ship speed and time spent in transit, so as to calculate the trips length and arrival time to the destination, with sufficient time in advance to efficiently regulate the navigational traffic.
Apart from the set-up of a new Doppler VHF (very high frequency) Omnidirectional Range/Distance Measuring Equipment, the contract also involves the installation of new underground power and other accessories for the navigational gear.
Aside from the proposal to grant navigational lane to pass through the EZZ, part of the signing of agreement is to set guidelines with regards to the type and size of the vessel, and mandatory safety equipment on board in crossing the border; extend the area of coordinated patrol operation up to Sulu Islands; modify the concept of operation of coordinated patrol; harmonize border crossing stations both in the Philippines and Indonesia; and assignment of custom personnel at border crossing stations and restricts transportations of contrabands (liquor) across the borders.
The navigational satellite was expected to be launched on 12 June.
Car drivers with rented satellite navigational devices (Sat Nav) often find it difficult to change the language and become confused when directions are given in French, Spanish or other languages.
He added that even without a VOR, pilots can still land using other navigational equipment and a visual approach.
IRNSS : Indian Regional Navigational Satellite SystemThe Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System, developed by the Indian Space Agency ISRO, will consist of seven satellites.
It ultimately boils down to a lack of navigational skills.
Effective design is dependent on good organization of material, clear navigational structure, proper choice and color combination and graphic interest, and judicious use of multimedia.
The majority of drivers using any form of navigational equipment while driving (75%) spent up to 10 seconds doing so which, at 60mph, means the drivers would find themselves travelling twice the length of a football pitch without their full concentration on the road.
Some aquatic bacteria that orient themselves using Earth's magnetic field swim in the opposite direction from what researchers typically expect, calling into question a longstanding theory of what this navigational behavior accomplishes.
Use TRAINING to practice operating IPADS with the navigational equipment active.
The Lo-Tech Navigator is a straightforward and practical guide to navigating at sea without the use of modern computers and advanced navigational devices.
Basic features include a digital compass, an altimeter, all standard GPS navigational tools and several built-in GPS games.
Among other things, it advises that the navigational structure of sites should be simplified so that people with learning disabilities can easily understand them, and that a navigational system should be provided for viewers who are unable to use a mouse.
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