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the quality of being suitable for the passage of a ship or aircraft

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In the case of navigability determinations, the agency determinations of navigability themselves should be released to the public, but documents underlying this decision arc likely exempt from release.
A 2006 pre-feasibility study of the project, sponsored by the EU, had also recommended that a comprehensive feasibility study be carried out to ascertain the navigability of the Shire and Zambezi rivers because, while the Zambezi River is wide and shallow, the Shire River is deep and narrow.
I think the real loss is the loss of navigability in Big Pass--and if it closes, that's a disaster.
Instructional opportunities to support the learner's conceptual framework of understanding, as well as ease of navigability which lessens the learner's need to focus upon the instructional environment and strengthen the learner's focus upon the content so as to lead the learner through the instructional design of the learning environment.
com, in presentation and ease of navigability, and represents the growing cache of sites focusing solely on branded materials for manufacture of functional foods and dietary supplements.
For example, De Lollis printed a volume of materials edited by Gustavo Uzielli relating to the life and work of the famous Florentine Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli who, at the time, was thought to have corresponded directly with Columbus and to have provided him with a map demonstrating the navigability of the Atlantic which he then used to convince Ferdinand and Isabella to underwrite his "Enterprise of the Indies.
This maintenance check should include not only the accuracy of all copy, but also the functionality and navigability of the site.
Section II of this Article provides background information on federal navigability laws, the doctrine of custom and the public trust doctrine, all of which were essential in shaping state doctrines and have the potential to reshape them further.
com, has been designed for maximum navigability and ease of use.
The six functions evaluated are: navigability, identification, image, contract and customer relations.
com The soft green backdrop and easy navigability of this site will draw any Web wanderer in for a peek.
In the dissenting opinion in Phillips in which Justice Stevens and Justice Scalia joined, Justice O'Connor voiced her opinion that only navigable bodies of water and their borders, bays, and inlets are held in public trust, stating that "[t]his court has defined the public trust repeatedly in terms of navigability," (10) opining that "[n]avigability, not tidal influence, ought to be acknowledged as the universal hallmark of the public trust.
With its expanded capacity and improved navigability, the site has attracted a steady increase in visits from ACTE members.
Datasearch Labs tests interfaces for navigability, ease of use, responsiveness, and appeal.
The headquarters used special equipment aboard a surveying ship to measure ocean depth and topography in order to prepare detailed information on the navigability of the area.