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Synonyms for navicular

the largest wrist bone on the thumb side

shaped like a boat

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The accessory navicular (os tibiale externum) is a clinical diagnosis based on physical examination that finds a bony prominence on the navicular bone of the foot, with or without complaints.
The main finding of this investigation was that an experimental anatomic alignment, which placed the barbell above the navicular bones of the feet and below the scapular spine of the shoulder girdle at the initiation of the Olympic-style lifts produced a more linear and, mechanically efficient, barbell trajectory compared to the traditionally used alignment with the barbell directly above the MTP joints of the feet and below the AC joints of the shoulders.
The navicular bone is one of the seven tarsal bones that form the ankle.
A wide variety of operative treatments have been reported for stage III and IV PTT dysfunction, navicular avulsions, and symptomatic accessory navicular bones.
However, she and her colleagues' recent analyses of the fossilized navicular bones from several species of ancient horses of various sizes suggest that this crippling condition has afflicted the animals for millions of years.