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literally, the contemplation of one's navel, which is an idiom usually meaning complacent self-absorption

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"We simply do not have the luxury of weeks of navel-gazing or days and days of whittling candidates down to the final two and talking to ourselves," he said.
AFTER yet another week of Union flag navel-gazing, we have a further sharp reminder that the UK is just part of a very troubled world.
How many rocks did she have to kick to find such a myopic, whining, self-centered, navel-gazing group?
Her life-long passions include feminism, fat acceptance, popular culture, psychiatry, navel-gazing and knee socks.
What may turn readers off, though, are Jane's endless whining and self-centered navel-gazing, and her character inconsistencies.
As for the execution, the no-frills approach --people sitting around a table BS-ing--relies heavily on the wit of those participating, but in terms of celebrating TV's best and brightest, it's still an interesting exercise of navel-gazing about the creative process.
England have now gone 16 matches without a win at this level and a summer that promised so much will instead trigger another bout of navel-gazing.
I have tried to black out all traces of Pride and Prejudice, but I can never fully purge the memory of page after page of Austen's dreary, upper-class navel-gazing. Not that she was the only 19th Century author to torment my teenaged self with her tiresome tales of aristocratic angst.
But if you give it a little thought, you can see how they're both related to the same navel-gazing question that gets asked over and over again in our profession: What, exactly, is the value of an M.L.S.
Despite a weekend appeal by Mr Cameron to put aside "division and navel-gazing", senior figures on each side engaged in sniping over the future of the power-sharing administration.
David Cameron has issued an appeal to warring Tories and Liberal Democrats to unite behind the coalition not descend into "division and navel-gazing".
IT MIGHT have been the most navel-gazing, insular Cardiff Bay bubble story of the week.
There is no doubt that much of the content on the social media website comprises navel-gazing drivel.
"Have we been navel-gazing rather than looking outwards?
Here is a paragraph from the review: "As she progresses along the path of her pampered pilgrimage-the sight of Indian children gazing at her passing taxi from the litter-strewn margins of a highway is dealt with as nothing more than local "color" -- Liz engages in interminable navel-gazing and confuses psychobabble in the mouths of her chosen mentors for wisdom.