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naval weaponry consisting of a missile carried on a warship

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Decision to build naval missile system by Pakistan for conventional fast attack vessel supports reinforces the logic that Pakistan is not only building second strike capability but also complementing it with conventional force.
France's new Barracuda class submarines will have a similar capability in the middle of the next decade using MBDA Scalp Naval missiles.
Lamartin joined civil service in 1972 as a flight test engineer at the Naval Missile Center, Point Mugu, Calif.
JS Chinn Engineering makes radar and satellite hardware; JS Chinn Project Engineering makes naval missile electronics, College and Morley manufactures gears for automotive and aerospace use and AO Henton manufactures components for aircraft engines.
The truth of what happened to destroy Flight 800 - a terrorist bomb, a freak naval missile, a sudden electrical spark or another cause - matters.
I still believe that the plane was unfortunately and mistakenly shot down by a naval missile," Salinger said in an interview from his Washington office.
Warehouse Operations in Support of Naval Missile Programs
We will unveil a new cruise class naval missile in the near future," Head of the Defense Ministry's Aerospace Industries Organization General Seyed Mehdi Farahi told FNA on Wednesday.
Steps against Boeing, which supplies a naval missile to Taiwan and commercial aircraft to China, would cause a major escalation in trade tensions.
Iran tests two short-range missiles," it said in a scrolling headline, naming them as the ground-to-ground Fateh (Victorious) missile and the Tondar (Thunder) naval missile.
Naval Torpedo Depot grabbed the Best Depot Award in Ammunition Depot category with Naval Missile Complex being the runner up.
I was assigned to the Electronic Warfare Division of the Naval Missile Center (NMC) to apprentice for an electronic-mechanic position.
They are guarded by a Syrian commando unit armed with anti-air missiles while Syrian naval missile boats secure the port.
Over the past 50 years the sign on the front gate has changed four times, from the Pacific Missile Range, the Naval Missile Center, the Pacific Missile Test Center and the Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division.
France and the UK both developed their own heavy naval missile systems, the Masurca and Sea Dart, but these are no longer in production.
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