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naval weaponry consisting of a large gun carried on a warship

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Depending upon the naval gun configuration, this could include the STRALES capability ( i.
The Mk 45 naval gun offers the potential to fire the 5-inch Vulcano at 20 rounds per minute to a maximum range over three times greater than existing munitions.
Like pit crews, naval gun engineers continually seek to overhaul faster and cheaper, thereby enabling ships to redeploy quickly.
WITH THE ANNOUNCEMENT that BAE Systems is one of the latest companies to be awarded a contract under the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS), Esprit de Corps chatted with Anne Healey, BAE's country manager for Canada, about the naval guns the company will supply for the Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) and her thoughts on upcoming NSPS contracts.
The single Fast Forty naval gun comes with an enhanced Bofors 40mm capable of a 450 round-per-minute firing rate with dual feeder and amongst other improvements, reduced weight and a radar cross-section reduction shield.
Navy to overhaul and upgrade two Mk 45 naval guns bringing them to the 5-inch 62-caliber Mk 45 Mod 4 configuration.
Following the end of the First World War in 1918, old naval guns had been stored in major ports for use during possible future conflicts.
As well as the usual favourites of massed pipes and drums, there are acts from around the world plus the exciting Naval Gun Carriage Race.
The newest one is "the most advanced naval gun in the world.
It won a pounds 15m contract from the Ministry of Defence to upgrade 24 of its 30mm naval gun systems.
By comparison, the maximum range of the 5-inch/54-caliber Mk 45 naval gun currently used in the fleet is 13 nautical miles.
In the first-of-a-kind flight test, the 5" caliber ERGM round was fired from a representative Mk45 Mod4 naval gun system, instantly accelerating it to 1,875 mph.
Both types flew target combat air patrol (TARCAP), naval gun fire spotting, close support, deep support, call strikes, night heckler, night intruder and night TARCAP missions.
After weeks in the trenches, the staff sergeant and his Air Naval Gun Liaison unit charged through the war-ravaged country, becoming some of the first Marines to enter the liberated Kuwait City.
His ketch, the Minato Maru No 18 docked last night at Castletownbere after being arrested by the naval gun boat Le Aisling off Galway.