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a professional dancing girl in India

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Begum Samru, who started her career as a nautch girl in 18th Century India, e v e n t u a l l y became the ruler of Sardhana, a principality near Meerut.
A large number of label images were orientalist: those of Indian jugglers, circuses, rope dancers, snake charmers, nautch girls, tiger hunts, maharajas, washermen, elephants etc.
The nautch girls play a crucial cultural interactive role between the native and the early English settlers and influence upper class women who try to imitate them.
Bet there was no messing around with the Nautch girls in Rewa in the late 1800s.
With good reason: Twenty-one of Merchant-Ivory's forty-six films concern India and the Indian diaspora, including documentaries such as Helen: Queen of the Nautch Girls (1973), a profile of a Bollywood dancer who appeared in more than five hundred films, and the docudrama The Courtesans of Bombay (1983), which presages such later looks at the Indian demimonde as Salaam Bombay
of Anna May and the other nautch girls, was enough to make New York State's censorship board require heavy cuts of close-ups of the half-clad women.
Similarly, the "round-limbed and luscious-lipped" nautch girls are a dream reworking of West's companion on the shopping expedition, Edith Leete, whom he had described on first meeting as "the most beautiful girl I had ever seen" (118).
The Fraser Album also includes studies of Gurkhas, courtiers, and retainers of the Maharaja of Patiala, musicians, merchants, tribesmen, and nautch girls from Delhi, and Afghans, all wearing colourful dress carefully observed by the artist(s).
The film is said to be about the plight of nautch girls in modern times and the gradual demise of the kotha culture.
Muslim characters ranged from emperors nautch girls and were invariably always good at heart.
Another aspect of this era was the importance given to nautch girls who were " the superstars of the day.
There are references to nautch girls and zenanas, fine brocade and rich silks, fencing and shooting, Mughal camps and English officers.