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a professional dancing girl in India

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For it, Plowden dressed in the Indian finery worn by the nautch girls. She gathered around herself a group of men who were to play the tabla and the harpsichord.
Begum Samru, who started her career as a nautch girl in 18th Century India, e v e n t u a l l y became the ruler of Sardhana, a principality near Meerut.
This apart, Mishra has also announced the intention of casting Chitrangada in three other films -- Nawab The Nautch Girl And The John Company , New Delhi and Dhruv -- but all these films are still in pre- production stage.
These performances promoted imperial unity primarily through a female corps dramatique whose costumes depicted military uniforms, Egyptian slaves, Indian Nautch girls, Zulu Warriors, Chinese handmaidens, and Moroccan and Spanish gypsies (Pritchard and Yeandle 169).
Bodice's winning look took inspiration from the 18th Century costumes of Indian Nautch girls, contrasted by modern menswear tailoring.
These labels were usually rectangular in format and marked by ornate margins on all four sides, with the main image in the middle which depicted Hindu mythological scenes, or deities; or members of the British royal family; or jugglers and belly-dancers, nautch girls, artisans and service Tenderers.
The traditional custodians of the art form, the devadasis in the south, and the nautch girls in the north, who had nurtured the art for centuries, became victims of the morality laws of the British government and the prudery of an enlightened Indian elitist class.
The stay-at-an-arm's-length armor, not to mention his coffee-table-size shield, huge tulwar and uncongenial physiognomy, gives a whole new meaning to the word "inhospitable." Bet there was no messing around with the Nautch girls in Rewa in the late 1800s.
With good reason: Twenty-one of Merchant-Ivory's forty-six films concern India and the Indian diaspora, including documentaries such as Helen: Queen of the Nautch Girls (1973), a profile of a Bollywood dancer who appeared in more than five hundred films, and the docudrama The Courtesans of Bombay (1983), which presages such later looks at the Indian demimonde as Salaam Bombay!
of Anna May and the other nautch girls, was enough to make New York State's censorship board require heavy cuts of close-ups of the half-clad women." (In 1934, the industry's Production Code set standards for films in an attempt to keep state censors from cutting up prints.) Given Wong's ambition--she dropped out of high school to act in pictures--she probably recognized an angle as a performer and tried to work it as long as she could.
A band of Nautch girls, round-limbed and luscious-lipped, danced with voluptuous grace to the music of brazen and stringed instruments.
The Fraser Album also includes studies of Gurkhas, courtiers, and retainers of the Maharaja of Patiala, musicians, merchants, tribesmen, and nautch girls from Delhi, and Afghans, all wearing colourful dress carefully observed by the artist(s).
So in his life he concentrated on four subjects, they being Lahore, The Raj, KL Saigal and other famous singers of Lahore, and the misunderstood 'Nautch Girls' of the sub-continent.
The film is said to be about the plight of nautch girls in modern times and the gradual demise of the kotha culture.