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an intricate traditional dance in India performed by professional dancing girls

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The dancing style is known as "nautch," and is a sophisticated art form that arose out of the Muslim Mughal empire and peaked in the mid-19th century.
The stay-at-an-arm's-length armor, not to mention his coffee-table-size shield, huge tulwar and uncongenial physiognomy, gives a whole new meaning to the word "inhospitable." Bet there was no messing around with the Nautch girls in Rewa in the late 1800s.
West describes "the spray of fountains" amid "a band of nautch girls, round-limbed and luscious-lipped" who "'danced with voluptuous grace," inspiring a "martial delirium" in which "a thousand scimitars were bared." (35) The highly charged eroticism of this scene, populated by West's second self, compensates for the emasculating effect of a society whose telephone necessarily forces all of its users into a passive, feminized role in order to maintain its utopian state.
When he began to preach as well as practice his exotic arts, rumors of sinuous nautch dancers and sex rituals attracted the attention of police and press.
With good reason: Twenty-one of Merchant-Ivory's forty-six films concern India and the Indian diaspora, including documentaries such as Helen: Queen of the Nautch Girls (1973), a profile of a Bollywood dancer who appeared in more than five hundred films, and the docudrama The Courtesans of Bombay (1983), which presages such later looks at the Indian demimonde as Salaam Bombay!
Denis's The Nautch and Impromptu, both danced above by Marion Rice, who studied at the school.
The music is provided by a group of 'native' nautch musicians, playing sitar and tabla; but the centre of attention is the Impeys' eldest child, of about eight or nine years, who pirouettes in imitation of Indian dance to the indulgent applause of his father.
The Nautch was an intricate traditional Indian dance performed by professional dancing girls.
In more than one instance, she held a nautch performance at her own house.
The famous painting showing "Colonel Antoine Louis Henri Polier watching a Nautch" is now in the Aga Khan's Collection in Geneva.
This phenomenon was best highlighted by the Salman Khan- starrer Dabangg where a cop ( Khan) is seen gyratings to the moves of a nautch girl ( Malaika Arora Khan) in a police station in UP.
The traditional custodians of the art form, the devadasis in the south, and the nautch girls in the north, who had nurtured the art for centuries, became victims of the morality laws of the British government and the prudery of an enlightened Indian elitist class.