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Synonyms for nauseous

Synonyms for nauseous

causing or able to cause nausea

feeling nausea

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The grapefruit taste in Roche's mouth went bitter; he associated it with the smell of the chicken dung and dust that came through the window; and the saliva thickened nauseously on his tongue.
A few of the titles: "Same Old Lang Syne" (Dan Fogelberg), the nauseously sentimental "Someone's House Always Burns at Christmas" (Benjamin Smoke), and "Forever Young" (Alphaville).
Gordon is more nauseously naive and peevishly whiny.
It was the first time I've felt nauseously nervous,'' Legace said Monday by telephone from the team's hotel in Long Island.
The Tory Party has pitched and rolled nauseously in the high seas of public opinion ever since 1992.