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Synonyms for naughtily

in a disobedient or naughty way

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It had the potential to be a story with the most romantic of endings, but on his return to racing after 1,405 days on the sidelines the 13-year-old, sent off at 66-1 for a Chepstow handicap on Tuesday, behaved rather naughtily.
As a nation we're naughtily wasteful when it comes to fish, chucking away PS1.
My onion petals were great too -with each sliver of onion naughtily deep fried and perfectly seasoned.
He's munched on bricks, he's chowed down on cables and, rather naughtily, recently made a snack of his owner's kitchen floor.
Naughtily, 70% of Geordies happily skip lunch in order to get their fix of sweet treats and over half admitting they have a secret stash of food they don't want to be seen eating.
A lovely buzz of chilled fruits which are naughtily drinkable.
David Ferguson was sent on and took just two minutes to get himself booked after naughtily hauling back Mackay-Steven.
John Abraham made use of his chiselled body to titillate the audience in Dostana as he naughtily slipped his shorts a bit.
I see our kids acting playfully, naughtily chasing the wind as visions of flying elephants and purple monkeys fill the horizon
The tiptonic gearbox (DSG), four-wheel-drive, paddle gears and 'sports' option, all conspire to push you to naughtily squeeze maximum fun points from this car.
A selection of creative, practical, do-able recipes categorised into humorously - and a tad naughtily - titled sections such as 'Prawnography', 'Clucking or Quacking' , 'Oh, you saucy thing', and 'Knead me', cover everything from breakfast ideas to soups, noodles, salads, sides, breads, desserts.
Theatre: Naughtily titled Cockfight Play (The Duke on 42nd Street, 229 West 42nd Street, 646 223 3010), the off-Broadway play by Mike Bartlett is a tense and terrific comedy.
In the pool report of the event, Todd Gillman of the Dallas Morning News, wrote that this was a line that Obama "let hang, naughtily, provoking laughter from the crowd".