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going without clothes as a social practice


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For more information about the British Naturism organisation or the events that are running across the country - visit the website at www.
Stephen Harp's history starts with late 1920s France and finishes in the late 1970s, tracing the slow transformation of naturism from an organized, philosophically based, and "associationis[t]" practice to an "astonishingly fragmented" set of tourism practices increasingly governed by the logic of "consumerist individualism.
And a survey has revealed almost 60% of Brits are willing to have a go at naturism - in one form or another - when they're on holiday.
Andrew Welch, commercial manager at British Naturism, said there is "no doubt" that the economy in North Wales benefits from tourists visiting the region to enjoy nudist hotspots - whether they are official or not.
Taylor, a Spectrum member since 2006, was forced to quit his swim club and British Naturism roles following the court case after the groups learned of his shame.
Graeme discovered naturism in 1984 after seeing naturists using a picturesque beach in Cornwall and was invited to try it out.
He's a keen advocate of the 'liberation' naturism offers, though at pains to point out that Clover is a business - a business that he has ploughed PS1 million into - not some flight of fancy.
British Naturism (BN) said that the BBC has "admitted to falsification of history" in the show about world history.
Naturists from 12 nations participated in the celebration of naturism on May 12th and the effort towards a common goal of building naturism in Thailand and Southeast Asia, in addition to enjoying the warm welcome and ambiance of Chan Resort, Thailand's foremost naturist resort.
British Naturism also say the official status could see the island cash in on the naturist tourists by attracting more visitors - the nearest official nudist beach is at Morfa Dyffryn, near Barmouth.
While I do not object to Naturism in principle, ordinarily its practice is entirely voluntary and generally restricted to areas immediately adjacent to significant bodies of water.
I accept that you'd got into this from your perfectly lawful and acceptable naturism.
A MAN claiming to be interested in naturism was caught when a DVD containing pornographic images he ordered from America was intercepted by a suspicious customs officer.
To be fair, criticisms of religion are balanced with a critique of naturism.
He pointed out that he is not alone: naturism is on the rise in the U.