nature worship

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a system of religion that deifies and worships natural forces and phenomena

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In Worcester, bagpipe music summons up memories of deep sorrow and tragic loss of life, so it was a gift to listen to bagpipes blowing joy, nostalgia, nature worship and military camaraderie.
The plot line, a comic book of progressive left politics, captures the Zeitgeist perfectly--business bashing and nature worship.
Shinto, nature worship, originated in Japan and is widely practised across the country, where people worship trees, waterfalls, rocks and even natural sounds.
There is no help from nature worship or from stargazing.
Popular advocacy and condemnation of modern nature worship abounds, but academic accounts of it tend to be scattered in specialist publications often devoted to some other subject area.
On the surface, this document seems quite sensible but delving further reveals undercurrents of neo-paganism, nature worship, new-age belief and the cult of the earth goddess.
Your Anglican hosts probably never even understood Christian teaching but adore the idea of pagan nature worship because it doesn't challenge them and seems to reflect their own needs.
Nature worship is official policy for every party in parliament.
21), Coleman had moved on, his designers too, leaving the replacement staff free to renew the journal's earlier celebrations of nature worship in a Romantic/mystical vein.
The other pagan hallmarks are there: nature worship, sexual corruption, a willingness to sacrifice children to the cause, and above all, moral relativism.
As with churches in our own day, varied voices are pulling at the Colossians, especially perhaps a confusion of religious beliefs that threaten to water down the gospel core by meshing three Greek influences dealing with nature worship, astrology, and mystery cult teachings.
In addition to nature worship, witchcraft may involve the telling of fortunes, reading of the future, divination and the casting of spells (deAngeles, 2002; Thompson, 1993b).
Green pagans, meanwhile, turned to "Earth-based spirituality"--and in the process, Hutton notes, they transformed fertility rites into nature worship.
He does, however, have a great deal of respect for nature religions and New Age environmentalism, In chapter eight, Davis contends that nature worship is the oldest form of worship in human history.
Since the days of Chinggis Khaan, Mongolians have traditionally followed Tibetan Buddhism and local Shamanism, a form of nature worship in which mediums are believed to be able to visit the world of the dead while under trance.