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Synonyms for naturalism

Synonyms for naturalism

(philosophy) the doctrine that the world can be understood in scientific terms without recourse to spiritual or supernatural explanations

an artistic movement in 19th century France

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Developing a definition that becomes a presiding principle of the text, Campbell terms this expanded classification "unruly naturalism" because it "provides a different way of looking at pervasive strains existing in the background rather than the foreground of classic naturalism, including the issues of waste and abjection.
Religious naturalism seems to be a way of thinking, feeling, seeing the world, perhaps a way of living, in which some people--including a number of contemporary philosophers and scientists - experience a deeply felt sense of being bound in commitment to the natural world.
Stanley wishes to mollify the "warfare thesis" between science and religion by suggesting that "valence values" (values common to theists and naturalists) undergird the Victorian transition to naturalism.
It is in the chapter entitled "Three kinds of naturalism" that Emden tries to explain what he thinks the correct account of Nietzsche's naturalism might be.
Of course, this broader, and perhaps more "unruly," categorization of naturalism also allows the approaches and thematic concerns of more women writers to be incorporated in naturalist analyses.
Though he does not mention it explicitly, Schacht zeroes in here on a key to understanding Nietzsche's approach to the interlocking themes of naturalism and normativity: nihilism.
That framing also more fully explains Dworkin's forceful argument against naturalism.
2) Those problems cluster around what one might call the 'bleakness' charge: that Darwinian naturalism describes a world marked by brute contingency, alienation, and randomness in a way that jeopardises the possibility of one's living a genuinely meaningful life within it.
Nagel charges both materialistic naturalism and theistic intelligent design with understanding the facts of the world in a reductionistic fashion, because "both theism and materialism say that at the ultimate level, there is one form of understanding" (p.
Very rarely, if ever, is his book seen as being based on his earlier work on naturalism, namely, his 1904 book Naturalism and Religion.
As Price puts it, subject naturalism directs our attention to the issue of the scientific "respectability" of the claims and presuppositions of philosophy.
Moore notes that that the characteristic thesis of moral naturalism is that moral properties are natural properties.
Thus naturalism cannot explain the existence of reasoning, and in fact cannot be rationally defended since it implies that there are no good reasons for any view, including naturalism itself.
On one side are the environmentalists who, Wapner argues, are captured by the dream of naturalism, a "notion that we live best when we align ourselves with the natural world" (pp.
The Evolution of the Human Mind: From Supernaturalism to Naturalism.