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planted so as to give an effect of wild growth


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Several lawmakers, including Al Fadhel, have been pushing for tougher measures by the government against naturalised Kuwaitis whom they accuse of failing to abide by the country's laws.
The new regulation will be enforced on naturalised citizens who acquire passports through cheating - giving false statements, hiding essential information or submitting forged documents.
LONDON - UK Home Secretary Theresa May wants to strip naturalised terror suspects of their British citizenship in a last-minute amendment to an immigration bill expected to face strong opposition in parliamentary debates Thursday.
Flanagan's presentation of Buddhism naturalised proceeds largely in two parts.
THESE pint-sized bulbs herald the start of spring, providing cheery early colour to borders, patio pots and naturalised in grass.
It looks amazing naturalised under trees in poor, free-draining soil.
The oldest person was a 117-year-old Turkish woman who was naturalised in 1997.
Most tulips don't look their best naturalised in grass.
Water the bulbs when the autumn is dry and the soil is like dust, and don't use weedkillers or fertilisers in the area, as naturalised bulbs are happy without any artificial stimulants.
The naturalised quartet - Brazilian-born Antonio Naelson and Leandro Augusto and Argentines Lucas Ayala and Matias Vuoso - have been included, much to the disgust of goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.
You need a huge amount of snowdrops to achieve a naturalised effect quickly, so it's probably best to build up the carpet gradually, planting some more clumps every year.
Under the draft article, the passport of a naturalised citizen can be revoked by a royal decree, following recommendations from the Interior Minister and the approval of parliament.
The group of newly naturalised citizens will be followed by several other groups shortly, as nearly 5,000 candidates are eligible to gain citizenship," said the official who wished not to be named because he is not authorised to speak to the press.
Well over 300,000 naturalised bulbs, which can be found on roadside verges, and in excess of 280,000 spring flowers and bulbs planted in tubs and beds are set to bloom from March to June.
He was the main German broadcaster in English for most of the war, and became a naturalised German citizen.