natural resources

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resources (actual and potential) supplied by nature

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And while natural resources trustees must certify and monitor restoration projects built by others for credits generated by those projects to be suitable to settle natural resource damages liability at the impacted site, this arrangement is much less time-intensive for the trustees than designing and constructing projects themselves.
Mission of promoting the conservation and restoration of natural resources is accompanied with the aim of achieving sustainable development in agriculture and making utilizers informed of value and importance of natural resources.
The Welsh Government has created Natural Resources Wales because we believe one body will result in a more streamlined way of working and will ensure more effective delivery and improved value for money.
The order will enable Natural Resources Wales to take important decisions that affect Wales' environment and economy, whilst also ensuring it remains accountable to Welsh Ministers.
Raja, purportedly holding that natural resources can be allocated by the government only through auction.
The ever-increasing consumption of natural resources has created an unsustainable situation globally that demands a proper balance in supply and demand.
Green accounting begins by itemizing both produced and natural resources, and valuing them in monetary terms.
They are legitimate natural resource users as are the local trappers and prospectors.
Corporations owning natural resources create royalty trusts to raise capital, generate tax benefits or avoid tax burdens (for example, the alternative minimum tax).
The bill also gives the director of the Department of Natural Resources authority to use scrap tire funds for public health, environmental and safety projects in response to environmental emergencies such as tire fires.
UNEP's report on Afghanistan's postconflict environmental assessment identified the pressures on the natural resources, including waters, soils, forests, and wildlife, and linked poor environmental management in the waste and water sectors directly to human health risks (UNEP 2003a).
At an event that kicked-off a week-long celebration of Earth Day 2003, Earth Day New York and the Natural Resources Defense Council honored the Albanese Organization with the Environmental Business Leadership Award, for its development of The Solaire, the country's first environmentally sustainable residential tower.
In autumn of 1999 and 2000, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) submitted to the National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) (Ames, Iowa) brain material (obex) from 657 hunter-killed White-tailed Deer registered at hunter check stations across the state.
With this settlement, we can continue to focus our efforts on addressing the contaminated areas and restoring natural resources essential to the health of L.
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