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radiation coming from sources other than those being observed

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As passengers move past a highly sensitive camera, the natural radiation from their bodies is measured and turned into an image.
As passengers move past a highly sensitive camera, their bodies' natural radiation is measured and turned into an image.
Jaworowski makes the impressive assertion that "no harmful health effects have ever been detected in high natural radiation background areas.
Such data can be used to assess the biological effect of natural radiation in the environment and detect any significant future artificial release of radioactive radionuclides (Chen et al.
4 mSv average doses have been estimated from natural radiation sources to the world population [3].
Other important findings during the first Martian year include assessing natural radiation levels both during the flight to Mars and on the Martian surface provides guidance for designing the protection needed for human missions to Mars.
The metal also gives off a natural radiation that increases feminine hormones and inhibits melanin, responsible for darkening skin, he said.
To compare, the global average for natural radiation doses is 2.
Kuwait's representative at the event was Health Ministry natural radiation specialist Abdulhalim Shafiq Al-Bobbo, who said that the workshop discussed the concept of nuclear security and its legislative framework.
We think the most important single take-away point for concerned passengers is to keep an appropriate perspective: the effective radiation dose received by a passenger during screening is comparable to what that same passenger will receive in 12 seconds during the flight itself or from two minutes of natural radiation exposure.
4 millisieverts per year, a dose equivalent to what most people around the world receive from natural radiation in the environment.
But fresh scientific studies have just authoritatively confirmed earlier warnings that the high natural radiation contamination levels of the ancient water deposits held by the aquifer pose a significant mass cancer risk.
The device allows students to see the miniature vapour trails created by natural radiation, or "cosmic rays", and can help them get to grips with concepts which are not usually visible to the naked eye.
Proceeding of International Conference on High Levels of Natural Radiation (ICHLNR), Ramsar, Iran.
By some reason, nature has arranged that we must coexist in harmony with the natural radiation.
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