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Hence if two objects have the same absolute magnitude, the natural object will usually be significantly larger in size, area and especially mass.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: Without questioning the propriety of the court's decision, one might conceive of a hypothetical case in which an only child, who was the natural object of his or her dying mother's estate, and the person the patient would designate, if competent, not only to receive all her worldly possessions, but also to be her health care decision maker under an advance directive, was short-circuited by someone seeking to take advantage of the incompetent, dying patient.
It progressed in later verses with total abstinence because the intoxicating effect of the alcohol, not alcohol itself as an inanimate, natural object, turned people away from God and prayer.
a natural object that survives While in a meteoroid.
I like Stem's consideration of a planet to be "any natural object in space that is large enough to be rounded by self-gravity.
In science, a "theory" represents the highest level of confidence in a scientific explanation describing or predicting the action of a natural object, phenomenon, or process.
Now Bill has made yet another timeless gift, this time leaving a legacy, through his estate plan, to benefit that natural object of his affection: The Florida Bar Foundation and the people served by its grantees.
A new International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard scheduled to go into effect in January, xvYCC expands the current color data range by about 80% based on Munsell Color Cascade, a color chart that defines all natural object colors and is used to evaluate the color expression of displays.
And it is not too fanciful to say that every artifact, and in fact every natural object with its ghostly wrapping of associations and meanings, is a gathering of minds or contending voices: every thing is an invisible assembly.
She even prescribes use of the notebook to write on shells, seedpods, or 'any natural object that can serve as "text,"' reasoning that "reading the book of nature is probably the oldest writing assignment in the world" (46, italics in the original).
In other words, when we try to describe and thereby transform a natural object we usually stick to only one peculiar point of assembling.
My process starts with a natural object I have found, whether it's something like a pine twig, a fossil or a crab claw.
If language really is a natural object, as claimed in mainstream biolinguistic currents, say Krivochen and Kosta (both Slavic linguistics, Potsdam U.
The resulting shock wave caused widespread damage and injuries, making it the largest known natural object to have entered the atmosphere since the 1908 Tunguska event, which destroyed a remote forest area of Siberia.
For comparison, researchers analyzed a swimming paramecium and analyzed its tectal activity during perception of a natural object, comparing it to the tectal response of its free-swimming larval fish.