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the number 1 and any other number obtained by adding 1 to it repeatedly

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6, but in fact we do not require the strong condition given there: it will be enough if, given a natural number m = [2.
Malia discovered exactly which natural numbers were amenable to Euclid's proof for irrationality; Carrie proved that Euclid's proof carried through for primes, but then reinterpreted the conjecture as a challenge to find a proof for irrationality that would work for all non-square integers.
For a given natural number, n, the sieve tests potential divisors up to [square root of n].
gt; 0, there exist a natural number n and a real number [delta] > 0 such that for each integer p [greater than or equal to] n, each point x [member of] K and each mapping B [member of] A satisfying d(B, A) [less than or equal to] [delta], we have [parallel][B.
In addition, there is such a conjecture, namely if there is a pair of consecutive odd prime numbers which differ by 2k, then there are surely infinitely many pairs of consecutive odd prime numbers which differ by 2k, where k is a natural number.
Pale greys are carried into the fourth bedroom, which has been dressed as a study, with a natural number print Roman blind and a matching armchair from the Salvage range.
For any natural numbers m and n, the (classical) Ramsey number r = r(m, n) is the smallest natural number r such that, for any red-blue edge colouring (R, B) of the complete graph [K.
It is also no secret that I have never really seen James Hook as a natural number 10 or the heir apparent to Jones when his long and distinguished international career comes to an end.
Analysis of test revealed that the content area of natural number was given more weight in the test and the content area of decimal fraction was given less weight in the test as compared to their weights in the national curriculum.
The notation n will be fixed to represent a natural number.
One group was exposed to "long days" of 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness, simulating exposure to artificial light beyond the natural number of light hours in a day.
For this purpose the concept of relative natural number is defined, and we produce a semi-formalized construction of the non-commutative, additive semi-group, without a neutral element, with two null values, and partially ordered (op.